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Women in History

Essay 1. Compare the activism and views of women held by Eleanor Roosevelt in the 1930s and Hillary Clinton in the late 20th and early 21st centuries. Describe similarities and differences and how these two women typified trends of their time. Hilary Clinton and Eleanor Roosevelt Likeminded Activists By intention,...

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Sacred Places Born in History: Myths Ancient and Modern

The attack and destruction of the World Trade Center in New York City on September 11, 2000 can be compared to a baptism. One day it was a thriving commercial center, the next a symbol of the destructive power of violence. The place, formerly noted as a center of global...

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Exploring Bengali Women’s History

This essay will attempt to argue that while there are both benefits and drawbacks to arranged marriage for Bengali women, the choice should ultimately be up to the individual. Anirvan Chatterjee’s Personal View of Arranged Marriage In January, 1997, Anirvan Chatterjee took a personal look at Bengali women’s history of...

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Should Key Events in Historical Development of Areas of Knowledge Always Be Judged by The Standards of Their Time

Introduction The purpose of this paper is to define the extent to which key events in the historical development of areas of knowledge be judged by the standards of their time. The paper begins by arguing that historical developments and events should always be judged by the standards of that...

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Time to Protest: A Review of the Colonists’ Response

When peaceful communication is unable to stop an act of tyranny and when the government no longer pursues the best interest of all of the citizens regardless of their socioeconomic class, ethnic background, or geographical location, then these citizens must take any action necessary to make a change in their...

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