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Market Failure and The Role Of The Courts In The Industrial Revolution

Pollution of slaughter houses has often become a great controversy especially with the coming of the new hygienic conditions. Most of the pollution that affect the slaughter houses come from the fecal matter which is often left in the air making the environment unfit and making the air filthy and...

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Rebels And Redcoats: An Episode From American History

The 1776 revolution was an uprising of American citizens against the oppressive Britain colony. The British had won its war with France and expanded its colonial theory in the US. However, the war left the colonial master which massive debts. England has no option but to direct that all its...

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Graphic Design’s Debt to the Industrial Revolution

The Industrial Revolution introduced a number of innovations in material and technical goods, a progressive trend of thought in the minds of the populace, cultural movements toward mass consumerism as the prices became affordable to a rising class of people, new forms of art using new materials, new literary styles...

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History Of American Slavery

During the 19th century, slavery was at once pivotal to American society and threatening to its stability. An intricate part of the country’s economy, slavery provided much of the country’s workforce and was responsible for a large portion of cash flow; slavery was big business. However, due to continued unrest...

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Women in the Roaring Twenties

Women of the 1920s would be surprised to know that they created an era of the “new woman.” Indeed, a plethora of changes occurred for women in regards to the traditional home life, their role in politics, the workplace, and education. For this reason, women in the roaring twenties played...

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