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The Role of Religion in Colonial America

The colonization of America by the British dates back to as early as 1607 when British founded the first colony in Jamestown, Virginia. The presence of British colonizers increased over time, as did the number of colonies, such that there were over two million people living and working in thirteen...

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The History of Media Conglomerates

Introduction Ideally, the media is seen as the mouthpiece of society. For instance, different societies experience countless events on a daily basis due to various cultural practices, traditions, and, norms. The media is responsible for using media agents such as the printing press, the radio, the internet, and television to...

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The Impact of the Dawes Allotment Act

The arrival of European settlers created a fight for survival for the original inhabitants of what we now refer to as the United States. Greed and a feeling of superiority lead European settlers to believe that they had the right to take over any area of the new world and...

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History of Gangs in America

America has a long history of gangs that center around some of the largest metropolis areas, including New York and Los Angeles. Many of these gangs began around the 1950s, and have since persisted to present day. In America, there is an extensive history of gangs and gang activity that...

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Towards a Case for a Second American Revolution

In Brian Williams’ compelling essay, he makes a strong case for why a Second American Revolution (SAR) is not just needed but necessary to overhaul the existing government and address critical domestic and foreign policy grievances. The article reads like a well-thought out plan for how to rally the masses...

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Let's stand with the heroes Ukraine

As Putin continues killing civilians, bombing kindergartens, and threatening WWIII, Ukraine fights for the world's peaceful future.

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