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Primary v. Secondary Sources in History

When doing historical research, using both types of sources is vitally important. Primary sources are valuable because they were written during the researched time frame. Contemporaries of past events react to them or describe them utilizing fresh memories. Primary sources can also be documents that validate certain notions or facts....

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French and American Revolutions

Throughout history the concept of revolution has been defined as one that is defying the traditional values and ideals that society has always been taught. Generation after generations the masses are taught to accept without question the ideals and principles of the few that were originally designed in order to...

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Individuals who Shaped History

Although Martin Luther was initially a faithful German monk, his actions in the 16th century broke the millennium-long rule of the Catholic Church and changed the face of Europe forever. During the Middle Ages, the most common economic system was feudalism, in which peasants worked the lands of the nobles,...

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Manifest Destiny and the Gold Rush

The American identity is shaped by the decidedly fraternal twinship (they are most decidedly not identical though perhaps might well be conjoined) of divine purpose and economic superiority. Perhaps nothing reveal the depths to which this trust in the economic sanctity of Manifest Destiny was conferred upon America in the...

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American acts

The Dawes Severalty Act was initiated and adopted in 1887. Through the Act, the Congress gave the American president the authority to take surveys on the tribal land in the United States and then give it to the Indians in reservations and allotments. The Indians allocated the land and world...

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Let's stand with the heroes Ukraine

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