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Importance of History in the United States

History is one of the elemental aspects of the society today. This is because historical events form the foundation of which major perspectives and entities operate across the globe. The historical undertakings. The historical events are also essential towards guiding the manner in which current and future entities are handled...

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Arizona History

The land that makes up the current state of Arizona was first “discovered’ and explored when Spain’s explorers ventured north from the country of present day Mexico; the earliest documented occurrence of this event took place in 1539 when Franciscan priest Marcos de Niza. Settlers first tried to inhabit the...

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U.S. History

Dawes Severalty Act The Dawes Severalty Act was named after Senator Henry Laurens Dawes. It was signed in 1887 by President Grover Cleveland with the goal of assimilating Native Americans into the American society. The Act empowered the President to divide reservation lands into pieces that would be distributed among...

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History of Aircraft

Aircraft has advanced greatly since the initial conception of the fixed-wing aircraft first introduced over two centuries ago by an English baron. It is, however, still interesting to emerge into history and see how the human mastering of the open air space began, and how ancient Deadalus and his son...

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