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Favorite Hobby: Soccer

I have a special spot for England in my heart because among other things, England is also considered the birthplace of soccer. When I think about it, I realize the world would have been quite a boring place without a sport like soccer. Soccer has such a great place in...

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Travelling to the US

Travelling to the US comprises one of the most frequent destination for tourists from all over the world. The variety presented in all of the fifty states with the diverse climatic differences as well as different touristic attractions. Numerous national parks, waterfalls and cities worth exploring make the country even...

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Musical Memory

Unfortunately, I do not have any deeply formative experiences with music. Both my mother’s and father’s sides of the family were completely tone deaf. No one that I can recall was even able to hum a simple melody without it being entirely unrecognizable, sounding like a ceiling fan gone mad....

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Suspenseful Dramas

Suspenseful dramas are my favorite genre. I enjoy figuring out what will happen next and what the ending twist will be. What usually happens is that good people, a.k.a. heroes find a solution to their problems and defeat the enemy. Setting is an important part of suspenseful dramas. In the...

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Dangerous Sports

Over the past couple of years, we have heard increasing rhetoric that we need to limit athletes’ abilities to participate in heavy contact sports because it is unethical. We have even heard some noise with regards to banning these sports – football and rugby – outright because it is barbaric...

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