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Should the Monday After the Super Bowl Be a National Holiday?

Super Bowl is the name of the game for the title of champion of the National Football League of the United States of America. The game and the accompanying celebration over the years have become a national pride of the United States. The Monday after the Super Bowl should become...

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Great Vacation

When it comes down to vacations and the ratings of whether the vacation stay is great, average or poor, there are many amenities to take into account. The travel arrangements and their timeliness, the weather, the accommodations and the company found are all things to be considered. The destinations and...

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Thanksgiving Essay

It is interesting to learn about the origins of the Thanksgiving holiday, and to see how its meaning has changed over the years. The Pilgrims risked everything for the opportunity to start a new life in the New World. They did not know plants and climate of the land, and...

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Nightmare Before Christmas

Tim Burton’s “Nightmare before Christmas” was directed by Henry Sellick. The producer was Disney Production. The movie is an interesting of what happens when Halloween is combined with Christmas. THESIS: The film “Nightmare Before Christmas” was one of the first of its kind, its creativity making the movie original and...

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Kuwait v US Holidays

The national holiday experiences can be quite different in different parts of the world. This is not hard to understand because countries can be quite different in terms of cultures, belief systems, and traditions. Frequent travelers are well aware of the vast lifestyle and cultural differences between some countries. When...

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National Holidays

National holidays refer to the days that are established by the law and are usually nonworking days during the year (Fox 39). There are different public holidays across the globe, and their meanings also vary with countries. Although national holidays are held dearly in many states and a majority of...

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Reflection on Holiday Time, What Does It Really Mean?

In reflecting on holiday time, and what it really means, it is necessary to deconstruct the possible points of view. The three perspectives of interest are the assumptions behind the question, the typical answers to the question and the author’s personal views. Because each of these reflect different values. There...

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Holidays in Kuwait and America

It has been quite an adventure learning about the differences between life in Kuwait and life in America and this is also true of holidays in both countries. After living in America for some time, I have noticed there are both similarities and differences between holidays in both countries. When...

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The Dream Vacation

We often hear about the phrase “Dream vacation” in everyday discourse, as individuals recount their desire for some type of ultimate trip, a realization of a fantasy. But what does “dream vacation” mean? If we analyze the term carefully, we can understand that it is about somehow breaking from the...

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Swiss National Day is August 1: History, Activities and Festivities

Switzerland is known for its beautiful Alps, the scenery, and the culture. A good question is how did this culture evolve, and how is it that Switzerland has come to exist for nearly eight hundred years? National holidays reveal the character of a nation. In Switzerland, this is the 1st...

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As you walk towards the house and into the backyard, you will see big, bold and bright letters that spell out “Tanafest.” This “Tanafest" sign symbolizes an annual birthday celebration for Montana Mauro, who is better known as the "party animal." This festival has gone on for the past several...

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Case Study. Rio Carnival

The Carnival in Rio is a massive scale event, known worldwide as an extravagant four-day festival of Brazilian culture, namely the dance of samba. The samba dancers, gathered by teams, or ‘schools’ compete every year for the most prestigious award in Brazil - the Samba Parade Championship. Thirteen teams and...

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New Year’s Celebrations: Celtic, Chinese and the Muslim Festival of Breaking Bread

Samhain occurs towards the end of October. It is a festival whereby Druids, Wiccans, and other pagans across the United States, Europe, Canada, and other areas in the world celebrate. According to Armstrong (2011), it is a “festival of the dead.” It marks the end of summer and the beginning...

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Halloween History

Halloween is a holiday celebrated in North America that occurs annually on October 31. It includes a whole host of activities and events leading up to and occurring on that day. It is a culmination of the fall season leading into the following holiday season. The holiday is not resigned...

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One of my reservations about many national holidays is that they eventually evolve into mere traditions and lose their historical significance. The focus eventually shifts to the processes rather than the purpose. If I ask few young Americans how we celebrate Thanksgiving, most of them will be able to answer...

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My Vacation in the Caribbean

My vacation in the Caribbean was one of the most memorable ever in my life. This is because I had a lot of leisure through my experience and my interactions in the Caribbean. One of the most enjoyable aspects of the vacation was the manner in which I got massive...

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My Vacation In Cancun

Cancun is usually perceived as one of the most common places to go and do tourism in Mexico. As for me, I always wanted to explore the countries beyond the United States as well break the stereotypes about Hispanic people. Moreover, I also wanted to learn something more about the...

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Juneteenth – Why Celebrate?

Juneteenth should be celebrated across the United States, because it was an important milestone in history. A day that is otherwise referred to as Freedom Day, Independence Day, or Emancipation Day clearly has enough significance for a large group of people to be deemed an important holiday that should be...

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Classification and Division: Vacations

Vacations are something nine-to-fivers look forward to every year. They can be an escape from the office, a way to take the family somewhere new, or just a moment’s peace from the daily grind. In general, vacations can be grouped into three categories: road trips, family vacations, and exotic destinations,...

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