The struggle of the prisoners in the concentration camps dealt with a lack of necessities. There was little food and what there was lacked nourishment and quality. The shelters were substandard as well there was too many people in too little space. The shelters were cold, dirty and at times damp due to the weather. There were numerous parasites such as fleas and lice that left sores on the prisoners this also led to diseases which in turn led to death for many of them. In the episode of Band of Brothers, there were bodies on top of bodies in the shelters in cargo holds and mass graves every time they opened a door they found more of them it was unbelievable the number of people both dead and alive that were there.

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Sacrifices made by the prisoners in the concentration camps were first and foremost the loss of freedom. They had been pulled from their homes, families were separated, and many did not know if their relatives were alive or dead. They were forced to leave behind precious family heirlooms and photographs because they were unable to bring them along. The thought of being pulled from your home to live in the conditions that they were forced to live in had to be awful.

Struggles of today are not as extreme as what was done to the Jewish people except in cases like Africa. War is still a problem soldiers are sent to other countries for long periods of time, and they suffer the same problems as soldiers did back then. Watching their friends die, being away from their families and sometimes having no family when they returned.

I have never experienced anything like the people in the documentaries that we have watched or in the information we have covered in class. The only experience I have had is through reading or watching documentaries or movies. The hardest to watch was the reaction of the soldiers in the Band of Brothers episode when they first came upon the concentration camp. Many of them seeing such devastation for the first time it was like you could feel the emotion in them. I can say that it gave me chills to watch those soldiers realizing that while they had a hard time being in the country and fighting a war they did not understand these people had it much worse.