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Holocaust Leadership Assignment

The new semester began with a trip to the Holocaust Museum in Washington, DC. The visit to the museum is always a humbling experience because one suddenly feels overwhelmed by a long list of questions as the tour guide leads us through the hallways while also describing the unimaginable sufferings...

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What Was The Most Important Reason That Jewish People Were Targeted During The Holocaust?

Prior to the Holocaust, there had been an increasing reliance on scientific theory, such as social Darwinism, to explore differences between races and ethnic groups. Although this has now largely been discredited, Hitler and the Nazi party used pseudoscience as a way of classing certain people as Untermenschen, or people...

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The Holocaust and How It Came About: A Visit to the Houston Holocaust Museum

1). Examine the German and Jewish societies prior to the World War I. What type of social and religious activities and celebrations did they create or embrace? How were the employment stats prior to World War I? Before World War I, the Jews of Germany lived in peace and prosperity...

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Holocaust Reflection

The struggle of the prisoners in the concentration camps dealt with a lack of necessities. There was little food and what there was lacked nourishment and quality. The shelters were substandard as well there was too many people in too little space. The shelters were cold, dirty and at times...

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American Holocaust

In his book American Holocaust, David Stannard tries to contextualize the colonization of America in a way that few writers have been willing to. While many have written with adoration about Columbus and his ventures, few have been willing to lay bare for all to see the misdeeds of Columbus...

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