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American Holocaust

In his book American Holocaust, David Stannard tries to contextualize the colonization of America in a way that few writers have been willing to. While many have written with adoration about Columbus and his ventures, few have been willing to lay bare for all to see the misdeeds of Columbus...

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Houston Holocaust Museum Review

Last Thursday, I paid a visit to Huston Holocaust Museum. It is clearly one of the most impressive sites I have ever seen. The museum itself was constructed in 1996 and is considered the fourth sizable museum in the United States in terms of the exposition to the given topic....

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Rebuttal Of Argument ‘The Holocaust Never Happened.”  

The historical facticity of the Holocaust[1] is confirmed by all accepted scientific methods of historical inquiry, from eyewitness testimony to archaeology. The facts clearly underscore that hundreds of thousands, possibly millions of people, were murdered in an organized and systematic manner by Nazi Germany. Specifically targeted ethnic, religious, political and social...

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How Aware Were The Germans Regarding The Jewish Holocaust?

The Jewish Holocaust is believed to be one of the worst aspects of the Second World War. However, it has always been the commonly held opinion that most Germans, while could be held guilt of being silent, were not aware of the worst activities such as genocide, tortures, and the...

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How Could the Holocaust Have Been Prevented?

When discussing the Holocaust, the debate frequently involves whether or not and how the Holocaust could have been prevented. The answers to this question range from Holocaust deniers, who actually believe that the event never even happened, to people who believe that the Holocaust was only able to occur because...

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