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Refuting the Logic of Holocaust Deniers

Holocaust denial is one of the most controversial contemporary arguments concerning 20th century history. The argument tends to treat the Holocaust as something that either took place on a vastly reduced scale to that which is generally believed or to claim that the entire was event was fabricated according to...

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Holocaust: The Helpers of the Jews

Introduction The Holocaust remains one of the most tragic pages in the history of the whole humanity. Millions of Jews died as a result of the fascist politics of anti-Semitism. The scope of physical violence against the Jews was so unprecedented that the acts of rescue or help were more...

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What was the Nazi rationale for the extermination effort that came to be known as the Holocaust?

What was the Nazi rationale for the extermination effort that came to be known as the Holocaust? Although mainly attributed to the Nazis, anti-semitic thought had been around in Europe for several decades before the Holocaust. As early as 1895, Jewish people were considered to be predatory and parasitic (Neusner,...

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Virginia Holocaust Museum

The Virginia Holocaust Museum tells the stories of those who did and did not survive the Holocaust with a focus on people who lived in and around Richmond. There are specific family stories, such as the Ipsons, who I learned about through writings and photographs on display. I was first...

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Anne Frank Essay

Anne Frank’s story is extraordinary and stands out even against the backdrop of so many stories that have been written on the Holocaust and the experience of Jews who suffered through it. The Diary of Anne Frank has been the wonder of the world, as Frank wrote about the experience...

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