This paper will consist of describing the various items that may be used to complete a home networking system for four people. In addition, it will provide facts and reasons as to why these items were selected, how many and the total cost of each item. The items and service fees are based on the suggested prices at BestBuy© online store.

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Most people in today’s world are global citizens. This means that many people connect with individuals who do not live in their immediate area and may have never met personally. In addition, schools often require a device in which to connect to the home, so that students can do their homework. Many people study online in order to receive their degrees and many colleges have hybrid course (half online and half off line coursework). Also, many adult telecommute from their job. The complete their work online and submit this work online as well. Most never meet their coworkers.

Consequently, developing a home network where a family of four can interact socially, complete their schoolwork and earn living is becoming the norm. A home networking unit where everyone can do their work is a necessary. This paper will illustrate a home network startup for this family. The devices, services and accessories were selected based on need and some experience from family and friends. (Li, Lu, Yang, & Gaudiot (2008).

Purchased Items
In the following table is a list of the items that were purchased for a home networking system for a family of four. Figure one illustrates all of the items in the startup, Figure two illustrates all of the services that are needs and finally figure three provides the items that could be purchased in the future with additional funds.

Figure One: Start up Networking Devices and Services
Students and Employees need to do much of their work online. Many school naturally think that most students have some kind of online device in which they can use at home for their school work. As a result, many students are assigned papers, projects and videos that are located on the Internet. In addition, teachers are using games to teach their students and some designers provide games as part of their curriculum resulting in the need for a good gaming system that the students can use for their work. Also some gaming systems allow student to go online and research their work while they are playing their game for school. (Chow, Wong, & Gao, 2009).

In addition, many parents are expected to complete their work or be available on line for their employers. More and more parents are working online and need the systems, devices, accessories listed below in order to do their job. As a result, the need for dependable devices are a necessary, hence the reason that nearly all of the devices include a service contract with

In order to set up a practical network, service fees and set up fees can be hidden in the cost of the devices and especially when implementing online items such as a word-processing unit and Internet.

The future will come and with it devices and items that may be necessary or wanted. However, most costs will include the necessity to upgrade.

Starting up a home networking unit for four people can be an expensive prospect. However, the family will need these devices in order to be part of the global community.

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