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Free to be Homeless

The subculture of homelessness is split into two primary segments: those who have suffered economic hardships forcing them to lose housing and those who opt for a transient lifestyle. Both populations have a high incidence of drug abuse, mental illness, and criminal behavior that create a burden on society. However,...

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A Reflection on Homelessness in Los Angeles from the Perspective of Class Relations

The essay that follows will consider the problem of homelessness in the United States from the sociological perspective of class theory. To start, the paper will detail a set of unobtrusive naturalistic observations whilst on a visit to Los Angeles in the city of Hollywood, in what will be a...

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Ways of Preventing Homelessness

The U.S Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) specified two criteria that can enable a community to come up with ways of preventing homelessness. First, the community-wide strategy was used to represent the activities that would yield primary prevention through its commitment to eradicate homelessness (Butt, Pearson & Montgomery,...

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Homelessness Research Paper

Definition of Problem The face of homelessness has changed in the United States. Since the recession of 2008, many Americans were awakened by their own circumstances that included being homeless. The economic crunch of the housing market devastated the American economy. While certainly the working and war veterans have been...

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KNPR: City of Las Vegas Launches New Effort to Help the Homeless

The March 29, 2018 broadcast of KNPR's State of Nevada focused on the homeless issue facing Las Vegas. The main emphasis of the broadcast was to promote awareness of the homeless issue, while also considering how different city efforts might curtail homelessness throughout the city. One of the central questions...

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