Do I have the temperament and capacity to operate in an environment that is knowledge based, flexible, and innovative?
In an environment that is knowledge based, flexible, and innovative it takes a person that is creative and has a certain type of drive to operate without being easily distracted or overwhelmed by the abundance of tasks that must be completed on a daily basis. Flexible organizations typically lack a stringent structure, but simultaneously require the employee to be capable of exhibiting organizational skills that maximize his or her ability to meet deadlines, and work on multiple tasks concurrently. In addition, the ability to be creative is often a key component in the way that one operates in a flexible, knowledge based or innovative environment is the ability to set goals that enhance one’s personal and professional well being. Boston identified several significant performance challenges that are the derivative of an ever-changing world. The most applicable to a diverse environment are “When organizations develop high-level annual goals and personnel are in place to achieve these goals, teams start to get excited at first about accomplishing these goals” (3). When given the opportunity to receive incentives such as commission or bonus pay, employees are motivated to accomplish this. The achievement of goals within one’s organization enhances an employee’s sense of belonging because they are capable of adding value to the organization. Hence, it is easy to work in a knowledge based, flexible, or innovative environment when one is capable of setting goals and receiving incentives or recognition from achieving these goals.

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For one of these documents or another one that is related to my chosen area(s) of interest, what skills and competencies will I need to refine and where can I begin my search for the required additional knowledge essential to my professional development?
My current interests are in consulting and change management. The skills and competencies that will need to be refined to excel my personal development are honing the tools that I use to market myself are my business cards and my email. Business cards provide my personal contact information and are generally the last thing that is received by a potential employer and a method to communicate with others. An efficient business card is direct but does is not cluttered with too much information or pictures. It also gives the receiving party the ability use the email, telephone, or my physical address to send correspondents. The second type of tool that ill be used to market myself is my email. Email may be just as significant as business card in the communication process and to market my skills and abilities to consult. Several elements of one’s email can discourage employers from reading sent correspondents. Theses elements include the layout, text to image ratio, call to action, pre-header, amount of information displayed and the response email (Grdodian 3).

How will Social Media tools influence communications in my future workplace activities? Will I need to develop, read, use, or access information as part of my potential duties and responsibilities? What social media applications do I currently use or plan to learn to use in the near future?
Yes. Social media will be another marketing tool, and a method of communication and advertising promotions and activities that are current or will occur in my consulting venture. To keep the public abreast on my consulting company’s activities, and also the part that the organization plays in these posted activities; social media will be used for those purposes. In the future I plan Face book, Twitter. Instagram, and LinkedIn. “To provide the best possible experience to digital age customers, leading organizations are now embracing digital capabilities that seamlessly integrate their contact center with all other digital channels”(Fernekess, Snyder, & Sullivan WP3). The integration of social media with other communication methods gives customers a diverse amount of access to the organization.

What new information did I learn that would help me develop my soft-skills for starting or managing an organization?
When starting an organization it is important to have communication skills; the ability to adapt to new changes in the industry that you work to satisfy customer needs.

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