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Medical Laboratory Scientist Professional (MLS) Licensure

Most medical diagnoses come with support of clinical and pathological laboratory findings. Given the vast number of patient samples and results that travel through a regular hospital laboratory each day the employees and workers are essential to the protection of patient safety. According to the National Patient Safety Foundation over...

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Issues Affecting Quality Assurance in Health Care

Multiple types of issues affect quality assurance (QA) in the health care sector. These include economic, legal and regulatory issues. QA in healthcare requires the input of multiple fields of study; through these various layers, the goal is to achieve quality in care for the individuals within the healthcare sector....

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Quality Improvement in Greater Home Health Care, Inc

An important problem that Greater Home Health Care, Inc. should address is power relations within the organization. Specifically, the bureaucratic structure of the organization leads to a strong system of hierarchy, which makes the process of service delivery much slower. This problem is observed in many health care organizations in...

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What Is Health Promotion?

Health promotion refers to a behavioral and social science drawing from environmental, psychological and medical science that seeks to promote individuals health and prevent the various forms of diseases through voluntary and education driven activities. As such, health promotion through the development of individuals, institutions and the community at large...

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Volunteering for Children’s Hospital

Dear Sir/Madam, There was a time when it was too difficult for me to get along with a six-year-old child at Victoria Retirement Home in Victoria Beach. CA. The interaction was convoluted, as each of us had different interests, and holding a conversation on one topic was almost impossible as...

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