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Neighborhood Norma James

Poor wound repair and issues with healing are common issues in older adults and patients with diabetes. Gould et al. (2015) conducted a study investigating the incidence of chronic wounds in older adults that show that wound healing slows with age, noting that clinical trials that address issues of wound...

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UnitedHealth Group Company Background

Introduction UnitedHealth care is one of the world’s leading health and well-being companies. It helps people from all over the world lead healthy lives. It also helps in making the health system work better for everyone. The company has two distinct platforms; United Health care and Optum, through which it...

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What to do if Your Form 1095-A is Incorrect

While much attention has been placed on health care fraud perpetrated by professionals and hospitals such as overcharging Medicaid, individual patients may also abuse health coverage. Health insurance abuse is not a new problem in the U.S. Patients may receive coverage for claims with insufficient documentation, fake ailments, medication used...

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Nursing Care

There are a number of important nursing interventions required for this patient. The doctor should be informed that the patient’s blood sugar is elevated. The doctor requested that he or she be notified if the level exceeds 280 mg/dL. It is significantly higher than that. The patient requires treatment for...

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The following discussion will focus upon the stressors, mental and physical implications of caring for one’s elderly family members. The ‘sandwich generation’ will be described, and further explanation as to what was learnt will be explored. It is evident that caring for one’s elderly parents, and raising young children at...

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