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Doctor for a Day

Endocrine system Diabetes. Endocrine system disorder that is characterized by high blood sugar levels that lasts for a long period of time. This happens due to immune system attacking and destroying insulin-producing cells. Potential causes of the disease. The exact causes of diabetes are unknown. Genetic and environmental factors, however,...

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Is There Ever a Circumstance in Which a Doctor May Withhold Information?

My position is a resounding 1, or absolute no. For one, we pay doctors to find out if we have any problems with ourselves, so why would they withhold information that we paid for? The last time I checked, we didn’t pay doctors to be our mothers but instead paid...

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Analysis of the CNA Role

The responsibilities of my profession as a Clinical Nursing Assistant are to provide an additional level of care to patients in a clinical environment including the following: dressing and feeding patients, monitoring the relative comfort levels of patients, assisting patients with their pain tolerances and monitoring their vital signs for...

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Routine versus clinically indicated replacement PVCs

I would like to thank you for your post that provided some insights regarding the Routine versus clinically indicated replacement PVCs. I think this is among the best articles to use when reading about such a topic because it has utilized many studies to draw its conclusions. The use of...

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Nursing Response Paper To Four Articles

Response OneNurse leaders should involve all their nursing departments before making any change to ensure patient safety and care (Marquis & Huston, 2009). Proper communication will uphold order and reduce confusion within the nursing departments (Webb, 2011). In addition to that, organized nursing departments ensure that the nurses stick into...

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