Establishment of a multinational fast foods restaurant remains as one of my dreams that should be ascertained in the next ten years. It encompasses a form of restaurant mandated with the task of serving fast food cuisine with minimal table services. In addition, the restaurant will indulge in preparation of meat-sweet diet offered from a restricted menu, prepared in bulk, packaged, and are rendered available for take away. It will typically be a part of the franchise or operations providing standardized foods and ingredients via controlled supply frameworks.
The restaurant will particularly be located at the core of California. This will prevail until the moment the business venture break even thereby necessitating for significant expansions into many other emerging markets across the entire globe. The primary reason for selecting California as the headquarters for this restaurant is because of its potentiality of being a hub for the target customers. For this case, being a fast foods restaurant, the main target customers are the youths. The basic reason is that most youths have a craving for fast foods. Another factor enhancing the urge for the projected preparation of such foods is the aspect of attractive prices and the time factor (Wentz & Bill, 67). Based on this framework, California stands out as the best location since it is endowed with a greater population of youths primarily fueled by existence of several colleges and universities.

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The projected restaurant will dwell in preparation and supply of a wide range of fast foods and accompanying drinks. This will be taken to include hamburgers, chicken products, cheeseburgers, French fries, soft drinks, breakfast items, milkshakes, desserts, and wraps (Wentz & Bill, 67). The Company may later respond to the changing customer tastes by expanding its menu to comprise of the salads, fish, and fruits. These are the kinds of foods that are deemed as the best-selling especially to the youthful generation since they are the main target customers.

Being a kind venture that has been explored by other Companies, the established restaurant will have to adopt strategic tactical operations that will outweigh the immediate competitors. In this case, the main competitors that are deemed to pose greater threats includes the McDonald’s restaurants, Starbucks, as well as the Subwa (Sicar & Cheri, 37). To enhance a greater competitive edge, the projected restaurant will go to the extent of providing distinct services and products such as the late-night breakfasts, and the contemporary Dollar Menu.

Another strategy that will be utilized is the aspect of offering adequate services and products with attractive prices. It will produce a new category of pounder hamburgers, such as the bacon habanero, an egg white form of the prevalent McMuffin sandwich (Brown, & Douglas, 35). Moreover, the Company will be established in such a manner that its interior designs are very attractive in nature. Technology will be enhanced to its greater heights to enhance better operational efficiencies across all sectors of the Company. The final framework that will increase the customer base and loyalty is the aspect of focusing on their demands and basic needs.

From all these, it can be ascertained that establishment of a dream venture is something that requires a thorough analysis and assessment to emerge successful. For instance, the case scenario that has been put forward has delineated various needs necessary for establishment of a competitive fast foods restaurant. The basic steps range from the aspects of taking into consideration the nature of food stuffs and drinks that should be produced, the services, the interior designs, as well as the reputation.

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