Speculating upon Spencer Nam’s in-depth excursus into the challenges facing the 21st century health care institutions, one cannot but give the author credit for elaborating on unprecedentedly new perspectives in this respect. Sure enough, he provides an insightful reflection upon the ongoing explosion of consumer health platforms putting special emphasis on that healthcare system as a whole is at the critical moment to adopt new ways of delivering care. From Spencer’s standpoint, U.S. healthcare should be referred to as moving away from what it used to be a decade ago. With the new roles for technology, however, healthcare centers fall into the trap of believing that it is owing to handheld electronic devices that healthcare system will manage to meet the customer’s basic needs accordingly. Yes, the idea that the proliferation of electronic gadgets may constitute adoption and transformation is deeply embedded in culture today; and, after a thorough consideration, it can be said with certainty that technological advances did revolutionize the way the world is arranged to a great extent. For all that, the major driving force behind the provision of adequate consumer guidance in these turbulent times must be innovating business models.
In regard to innovative business models, they need to be viewed as remolding how modern electronic/digital devices deliver value. On the whole, consumers are predisposed to sharpen their focus on more affordable and more accessible solutions. While up-to-date technologies can make some aspects of daily life relatively easier, innovative business models play a decisive role in making new products an integral part of an efficient healthcare system. In sum, Spencer asserts that health institutions should respond to the rapid rise of consumer health technology in a way that could improve patient care and reduce costs; and as he claims, innovative business models cannot be underestimated from the perspective of adding new dimensions to the existing U.S. healthcare system.

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