Without some sort of extraordinary mutation to a body’s DNA or chromosomes, or other physiological or molecular changes that are typically required, there is a great chance that most people will never have the hard goods to become a superhero. But for those who actually believe they can change the forces of nature, or merely wish to be a self-styled representation of someone with the ability to singlehandedly thwart an evil alien invasion, then the website wikiHow may be the best bet at giving pointers on how to look and play the part. But the trouble with going through all the motions of becoming a superhero ala the web site is that by the time people reach the point to create a superhero what they’re actually doing is making a new costume for Halloween or the next cosplay event happening somewhere in a far-off galaxy, or more realistically about a ten-hour drive away in which case it’ll be necessary to scrape together the funds required to afford gas, Twisters and Monster energy drinks; two of the three nutritionally required for any self-respecting superhero.
In other words, unless we were born with some sort of mutant ability to fight on the side of justice, meaning the good guys, or our molecular structure is altered by an onslaught of atomic particles or by being bitten by a radioactive bug, which is actually fairly creepy, then it is not going to happen. Without the ability to redirect aircraft in midflight in order to avoid a descending meteorite the maybe it would be better to become an air traffic controller, who’d be able to do something similar in relative comfort and in a room with a whole bunch of really neat technology. With no way of being able to stop a speeding bullet as it approaches an intended target almost instantaneously, then perhaps being a volunteer who advocates for changes to the country’s gun laws would be a great way of seeing that the likelihood of such instances are significantly reduced. Being somebody who directs air traffic or supports a reduction in gun use isn’t the stuff that superheroes do, but it just seems that as more people who do the types of jobs that help others in some way, the world would be less inclined to need superheroes.

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But superheroes would still be needed, like when giant mole people dig their way up from the earth’s core to take over the planet, but maybe they would agree. Perhaps superheroes would approve when mere mortals ask someone who seems to be in distress if they need some type of assistance. After all, most problems that we find ourselves facing in our lives aren’t superhuman; and because superheroes are kind of human, or use to be human until waking up one morning finding they had grown gills and webbed feet overnight, then chances are that some will lead typical human lives by day and will face the very same problems that we humans face all of the time. Let’s say that Gravitygirl, who has the ability to alter the space-time continuum in order to bend the laws of nature, was just recently fired from her job at the local burger pit. She hid her superhuman abilities, and being a superhero, by living on the margins. After all, who would believe that a superhero lives in poverty, on the margins from paycheck to paycheck. But because she lost her job, Gravitygirl was also evicted from her apartment and now finds herself destitute and homeless. She may be able to alter the laws of nature, but Gravitygirl doesn’t have the ability to make people more empathetic and helpful towards people like her who are experiencing tough times. So along comes Ms. or Mr. not a superhuman who sees her in a moment of despondency and they simply ask her if there might not be something they can do to help. Wouldn’t they be Gravitygirl’s superheroes? Or maybe they are just humans responding to another human (well, sort of) presently in need.

It doesn’t take much to become a superhero. All it takes is to be human enough to actually care about others. Instead of wearing spiffy costumes or having super powers, the only thing required is to have a heart.

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