The article How did G.M. Create Tesla’s Dream Car First by Farhad Manjoo provides a provocative information about a new model of electric car, constructed and launched by General Motors. The author makes the emphasis that despite Tesla company seems to be the most innovative and dominating in electric cars’ industry, other companies are capable of making the same challenge. The article highlights the main disadvantages of the electric cars, including the time of charge and distance they can overcome. The new models of Tesla possess better qualities of charge and distance, than such popular electric cars as Nissan Leaf, BMW i3, and Volkswagen e-Golf. However, the author insists that the new model provided by G.M., the Bolt, has the best characteristics and surpasses all electric cars mentioned above.

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Although the article uses quite reliable arguments for using the Bolt as an alternative to too expensive and not so perfect Tesla cars, it seems to be an advertisement, aimed at opposing Tesla company. The main purpose of the article is to show Tesla’s inability to launch a cheap and relevant model of the electric car. Besides, the author provides a negative forecast for Tesla’s business for the nearest future, while insisting on reliability of General Motors due to its long history. It seems that the author opposes any start-up because of their too self-confident intentions in gaining the most innovative approaches.

As for me, the phrases similar “Tesla fanboys (they exist)” (Manjoo, 2016) sound humiliating enough. On the other hand, the article makes possible to expand the horizons of the electric cars’ industry, as it points that not only Tesla can be considered an absolute innovator in this field. Technological and engineering approaches change rapidly today, that is why, it is interesting to notice a harsh competition between the companies for supremacy in application of the most innovative methodology to the ordinary life.

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