Each and every day we have to make decisions. Some of them are quite simple, like what to have for dinner, but some are really hard to make, those that can actually change one’s life. The process of making complex decisions does not have a common procedure, therefore there are different ways of coming up with something: one could search for and analyze information, toss a coin, ask for someone else’s opinion etc. One should thoroughly consider the important decisions, so that each and every aspect would be taken into account before actually making the decision.
In the process of such challenging decision making, some people turn to prayers in order to get an answer from God, to know His will, asking to show them the right direction. Such discernment usually appears in the form of a dream, or they arrive as an idea or comment from the people close to you etc. Anyhow, if one is asking God for directions, he/she should be comprehensive to everything going around, as a divine sign can appear anywhere and in any form.
Personally I can’t tell that I’ve actually had a discernment, as everything I’ve encountered so far demanded more or less simple decisions. For example, I had a thought of getting into an unpaid internship, but couldn’t decide, whether to do it in my senior year or earlier. I went all over pros and cons over and over again, but my positive decision came to me in my sleep. I got up with complete understanding that the earlier I start unpaid internship, the more experience and opportunities in future I’ll get. I consider this as a kind of discernment, because I couldn’t come up with a final answer for couple of weeks.

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In conclusion, taking complex and challenging decisions is not an easy thing, especially if they could have risky consequences. One should give a detailed reflection and to make a deep consideration, and by all means listen to one’s feelings, as “guts feelings” are usually a discernment that shows you the right way.