It is a widely-known fact that music is an integral part of our lives since it touches our soul and brings us joy. Music inspires us and gives us the chance to move in time while listening to the song that was the best for us in the past. That is why, the humanity cannot imagine the life without music as it contributes to great feelings of happiness, love as well as life satisfaction. Therefore, the primary aims of my speech are to define how music affects the humanity as well as prove the fact that “music is the universal language of mankind”.First of all, I would like to note that music plays a significant role for people of all ages and eventually connects them since it evokes deep feelings that contribute to interaction between people. In other words, listening to music altogether increases empathy and social connection, enabling us feel connected with other people. Besides, music is considered to be one of the therapy for our soul as it is likely to reduce stress and anxiety. For instance, music with slow tempo can calm people down when they are stressful or suffer from a depression. As a result, the role of music is crucial in a social context as it establishes a strong social bound between people and enables them interact fully.
In addition, I am eager to provide you with the fact that music improves productivity , thus it helps to work more productively without having a sense of fatigue. Though, it is actually not allowed to listen to music while being at a workplace but still even a song you listened to in the morning will have a further favorable impact on your desire to work. That is why, when you feel you are tired of working, turn on the music and it will surely provide you with energy needed for the work.
Furthermore, as it was mentioned above, music is considered to be a universal language of a mankind as it may be easily understood all around the world. To put it simply, some people state that with the help of music we are able to communicate across cultural boundaries since we perceive and understand the music thanks to our heart. In particular, music may be in different languages but people still perceive it, thus here is observes the effect of bridging a cultural gap between the nations due to music.
However, music, as any other phenomena, has also some drawbacks but, honestly, they are not that crucial. I may state that sometimes music may distract us from work, studying and even in case we drive a car. On the one hand, while listening to music, you feel inspiration and a strong desire to work and study. But on the other hand, it is difficult for some people to concentrate on their work while listening to music as they are not able to increase their productivity. Also, it is a fact that drivers usually make more mistakes on the road and drive aggressively when listening to the music. But nevertheless, such minor drawbacks do not diminish the importance of music as its favorable effect is greater, for sure.
To sum up, I would like to underline that music is an art, entertainment and eventually medicine for both body and soul. As a young musician, I am sure of beneficial effect of music on my personality as it enriches my experience and gives a spur to improve my talent. Therefore, I would like to summarize that music lays a foundation for social connection between people, provides people with inspiration and increases work productivity. So, do not hesitate, just turn on the music and enjoy the rush of adrenaline!

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