As social media become an important part of young people’s lives, it is reasonable to ask what effect do social media have on young adults and their relationships. Many aspects of our social lives have moved online and we seem unable to resist the convenience and joy of being connected and up to date with others all the time. While some people argue that this tendency has some harmful effects on the quality of our social relationship, I am confident that using the opportunities offered by social media in healthy and mindful way may actually enrich existing relationships by allowing people to stay in touch effortlessly, bring up interesting questions and discussions as soon as they come up, and share emotional moments while they are the most vivid.
Social media are often blamed for distracting young people from face to face communication with others. Observing young people stare into their phones while being in the bar with friends may seem weird to a person who has not had the experience of developing meaningful friendship with the help of online communication (Rohampton). Yet, taking a moment to share the moment you are having with a good friend or with your date helps to get emotionally closer and more open with that person. Especially, taking into account that other people in the group also have that special someones to send a picture of their drink to, and thus, will not hold it against you. Taking this time to share an insight you just had with a distant friend who shares your interest and ask what they think also makes a meaningful contribution to this relationship by fueling it with new interesting topics to discuss.

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All in all, despite all the criticism that surrounds social media, they do benefit social relationships. While the fast pace of modern life deprives us of opportunities to have long conversations over the phone or write lengthy emails, social media allows us to keep distant relationships alive and to contribute to our meaningful relationships wherever we are.

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