Perfume is one of the cosmetic products most likely to be purchased by both men and women. The growth of the perfume industry in America is even evident in the huge number of licensing deals being signed on by the celebrities. The total sales of perfumes grew by 2 percent in the U.S. in 2014 . The growth of the perfume industry is not limited to the U.S. only but global sales have also been increasing. The value of the global sales of perfumes is expected to reach $15.6 billion by 2019 . Despite the growing popularity of perfumes, many customers still struggle to choose the right perfume. Like everything else in life, a little education goes a long way towards selecting the right perfume.
The first step is to identify one’s preferences. The perfumes can be divided into different categories such as florals, wood, citrus, oriental, and aquatic. If one is not sure about the perfume category he/she prefers, he could take guidance from the perfumes he might have liked on others in the past. For example, a fan of Flower by Kenzo may be into floral perfumes while a fan of Yves Saint Laurent Opium may be into oriental perfumes. Similarly, a fan of Giorgio Armani Acqua di Gio or Davidoff Cool Water may be into aquatic perfumes while a fan of Ralph Lauren Polo may be into a woody perfume. Once one has identified the perfume category he/she favors, they should seek samples from a store. Samples are a great way to explore different perfumes in a given category. The good news is that many perfume retailers such as Sephora are glad to provide samples. Alternatively, one can also buy cheap samples online .

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The next step is to wear the samples. One should wear one sample at a time and observe the evolution of perfume, usually over hours. Perfumes are like movies. They do not reveal their whole self at once but gradually evolve over time since they usually go through three stages of evolution that are top, middle, and bottom notes . The top, middle, and bottom notes explain why a perfume smells different over time and this is exactly why it is important to try different samples at home. Many people choose a perfume on the basis of top notes at the store which is a mistake. Thus, it is not surprising many people complain the perfume smelled better at the store but later turned out to be a disappointment.

It is important to not over apply perfumes, especially, if one is expected to be in a social company. Some people may be allergic to perfumes. Even if some may not be allergic to perfumes, the proper etiquette is to apply in such a manner that the perfume is detectable by those only who are within one’s personal space. A safe rule-of-thumb is not to apply more than three or four sprays even though a spray or two will be adequate if the perfume is known to project a lot.

The perfume industry has been growing at a rapid pace. Even though both men and women often buy perfumes, many people don’t know how one should go about choosing the right perfume. The first step is to understand one’s personal tastes. Once an individual has identified the perfume category or categories he prefers, he can obtain a number of perfume samples from a given perfume category. Many stores provide free samples though one can also buy cheap samples online. The next stage is to test the samples one at a time and observe the perfume evolution over a time. Perfumes change over time which explains why it is a mistake to select a perfume on the basis of first impression at the store.

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