In the video “How to Get Your Ideas to Spread” the speaker Seth Godin discusses the importance of getting ideas to spread (Godin, 2003). The first way in which he communicates this idea is through the basic example of sliced bread. This idea, which is a staple today, was a total failure as it was almost completely ignored at the time when it was invented; this was until Wonder came along and figured out how to spread the idea to the public. Thus, spreading the idea may be more important or at least as important as the quality of the invention itself.
Forbes magazine has a list of the most innovative companies. Of the world’s most innovative companies, is considered to be number eight Forbes. According to a 2013 Business Insider magazine article, had a total of $61 billion in 2012 and is approximately number five in the list of the top 2,000 domains on the web (Smith, 2013). Thus, found a way to come up with a great idea and a way to spread it to the public. One reason for the success of is that the company has actually capitalized on adapting to the changes in the way that people shop for goods. The company has a presence on all of the latest technology such as laptops, smartphone apps, and tablets. Thus, the e-commerce site has stayed ahead of the curve by taking advantage of technology.

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Order Now is at the forefront of e-commerce sales. The site sells all types of products. Furthermore, it has come up with new ways to attract people to its site by selling groceries which the site delivers, Amazon Prime with free shipping, its own tablets, a dash button, and the Amazon Echo. Thus, the company is constantly coming up with new ways to attract people to shopping online in order to keep its consumer base and attract more customers.

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