While many learn to roller skate when they are children or teens, some adults may also wish to pick it up. Falling and getting hurt is what they are often afraid of. If you are a grown-up who does not want to feel left out and wishes to pick up roller skating in a safe way, this brochure is for you. Thesis Statement: In learning to roller skate with safety, you should learn to put on protection equipment, assume a correct posture, to walk in the manner ducks walk, learn to glide, and learn to stop.
Firstly, put on your special roller skating and protection equipment. To begin with, you put on your helmet, and then you put on wrist guards, and knee pads. These items are believed to be unnecessary for some experienced roller-skaters, yet if you want to provide for your safety, you will need them. Helmet is needed to protect your head from any injury as you fall, especially when you happen to position yourself too upright and your roller skates slip out from underneath and make you fling backwards. Afterwards, you put on your knee pads and wrist guards. These items are needed to protect your knees and hands from scrapes and bruises when you happen to hit the floor.

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Secondly, get yourself in a correct posture. Here, the first thing to do is to place feet apart at shoulder width and the next thing is to bend your knees and then squat. If you do not want to fall while doing this, make sure you keep your balance right. You need to practice to get into a correct posture repeatedly unless you feel comfortable when standing like this in a place.

Thirdly, walk similar to how ducks do. Keep your toes pointed out and keep your heels together as you start to walk slowly. First, walk to the right, then to the left, and so on. While walking like this, go on squatting and make sure your heels are right under your body so that you can keep your balance easier and avoid falling. The next step here is to start moving quicker and to take longer strides. In order to achieve this without falling, just push slightly harder on your wheels and enable yourself roll farther with every stride.

Fourthly, learn to glide. You should make longer every stride that you take by letting you roll for some time. Just push off with a left/right foot and glide with the other one till losing the momentum. Next, switch the foot you are gliding with. During the time you are gliding on one foot, ensure you keep the other foot above the floor. In this way, you will make sure it does not hamper your gliding. Further, learn and practice turning left and right when gliding. While turning right, you should lean your whole body somewhat to the right. Similarly, while turning left, lean your whole body somewhat to the left. Remember to always remain in a squatting position. Afterwards, learn to glide with a greater speed. Move your legs with a greater speed and gain speed by exerting pressure on the roller skate wheels and by propelling your body forward. Make use of your arms to assist you with keeping the balance and achieve speed by bending your arms at the elbows and then moving them back and forth in manner close to how you move arms when you run.

Fifthly, learn to stop. Carefully try gliding with both roller skates in a parallel manner. Keep gliding in a squatting position and then lean somewhat forward. Next, use a brake on the toe of the right roller skate. Specifically, place your right roller skate somewhat in front of your left skate. Afterwards, lift the toe of your right roller skate, and then press down with force on the toe. The more force you put into your pressing the faster you stop. You should make your thrust confident and avoid touching the brake to the ground in a hesitant and soft manner, if you wish to be safe. As a matter of fact, this will help you maintain your balance and avoid falling down. In order to teach yourself to use sufficient pressure, use your hands. You should press down on the right knee in order to help you produce sufficient force to stop.

Of course, learning to roller skate safely takes much more than mastering these basic skills. In your practice, you should learn more maneuvers if you want to skate around like a natural. Moreover, you should practice long hours if you want to achieve excellence. Also, you should buy such roller skates that will be able to enhance your skating performance. In winter, you may use indoor skates while practicing at a rink. During the rest of the year, use outdoor skates which are durable and can be used in any weather. Once you feel you have practiced enough, indulge yourself with speed roller skates. With a special design, these skates will make your go faster than regular roller skates. However, neither of these achievements will be complete unless you learn to skate in safe manner, make yourself put on good protective equipment, and practice balancing. Watch out and practice, here is the piece of advice for you, adults who want to learn roller skating like naturals!