Subject: Audience analysis: how to set up an account on Facebook

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Facebook is a free web-based social interaction platform that allows users to connect with their friends and other people of interest through online interactions. It also acts as an important media for organizations to provide information to their customers and the public. While using Facebook is free, it requires information about the best and simple ways to set up an account that meets the intended purpose.

The following instructions are mainly intended for individuals wishing to set up a Facebook account for various purposes. The interested users will be guided through the requirements for an account and the process of activating the account. The purpose of the instructions is to help users avoid negative experiences while setting up a Facebook account and enable them to activate an account for a specific purpose. Setting up a Facebook account should be easy and fun when the users have all the necessary information on how to go about it.

What kinds of information does my user need to know to complete the desired actions?
This set of instruction is meant for those interested in an online social media service and thus should have access to the internet and basic knowledge in use of internet and World Wide Web. The user will require an internet connection to access the online platform throughout the account setup process. The user should be familiar with the appearance and operations of a web browser or other software used to access web-based sites. Also, the user should be able to follow written and/ or audio instructions and perform the necessary actions, such as clicking a menu item. A user is required to have an email address to complete the registration process. Additionally, users may include images and pictures as part of completing the account on the appearance of their profile in the account set up process. Users should know the kind of personal details that will be required to set up an account. The users will be required to provide their names and other details like the year of birth. Additionally, the user should know the information that will not be provided in the instructions. These include assumptions made on the ability of users in operating a device and web based applications.

What kind of information about my topic can my user do without?
The user does not require experience with any other social media site or the technical operations of websites and the internet. The user will be provided with basic information about the features of a Facebook web page but information on basic operations of websites, such how to click a link, will not be covered in these instructions. These instructions assume that the user has an active email address for use in the authentication process. These instructions do not include the process of opening or operating an email address. The instructions do not cover the process of retrieving files from a specific folder on the computer or mobile phone storage. We assume that users are familiar with the file storage and retrieval process on their gadgets. Finally, the instructions will not cover the process of connecting the device to the internet. We assume the device used in account set up is already connected to the internet.

What are the activities the user will need to do to achieve the overall action goal of the manual?
The user will have to provide their account details and then confirm their authenticity using the email address provided. The major user account details include the names of a person or organization, an email address, and a password. Those wishing to include setting up their profile picture during the account setup process should have an electronic copy of the image saved on their device. The user will have to pass through the authentication process by accessing their email account and following the instructions posted on Facebook. Finally, the user must activate their account through logging in and providing some additional details. The login process requires having the account username and password.

What kinds of frustrations is the user likely to bring to the task, and how can I keep from making these worse and avoid others?
Setting up a Facebook account should be fun and straightforward for many people with basic knowledge of web applications. However, the user may have challenges with certain issues thus making the process difficult. One of the most common challenges is for users who cannot access their email account. The user may have forgotten the password to their email account and thus fail the Facebook account authentication process. Some users may be frustrated by their internet connection. Internet connection issues may affect the response of the web application and prolong the account set up process. Others may be frustrated by the authentication processes used by Facebook. There are also the common errors that people experience when inputting data.Users may be frustrated by misspellings of their names or failure because of a misspelled email account. The instructions provide details on what is required from a user, and thus the new users should ensure they have what is required before starting the process.

What kinds of strengths will my typical user bring to the task, and how can I build upon these in delivering the instructions?
The typical user will have an idea of the basic features of Facebook and its uses. The instructions will build on these ideas by guiding the users on how to enter their account details, setting up privacy details and set up the appearance of their profile. For instance, it should be easy for the user to understand the need for a profile image and the appropriate personal details that should be provided. The typical user will have basic knowledge about use of web based applications. These instructions build on this knowledge by guiding the user through the step by step process of setting up an account. These instructions will build on a user’s interest by pointing out some steps that are usually ignored by typical Facebook users. For instance, the instructions will provide markers to important steps that may not be mandatory in setting up an account. A typical user will have some friends that are already operating a Facebook account. This requirement is important in guiding the users on basic steps like connecting with other people and having an interaction through the social media.

This analysis provides a better understanding of the qualities and characteristics that should be included in the instructions for the target audience. These instructions are meant to guide new Facebook users in the process of setting up an account. The instructions make some assumption on the ability of user to complete some processes related to web based applications and management of personal information. Some assumptions make the basis for certain instructions, such as connecting with friends online. The assumptions should be reflected on the details about what is not covered. From the analysis of the target audience, the instructions should be straightforward and speculative about the users. Also, the instructions should aid the user to achieve their basic desired goal of having a Facebook account, such as for organization or personal use.