Introduction Google, Apple, and Microsoft are three of the largest technology and electronics companies in the world. They are distinct because of their unique productivity and work policies that aim to increase revenue per worker. For example, Google’s employees on average generate about $1.2 million individually for the company. On the other hand, Microsoft employees on average account for about $783,000 (Rosoff). Analytically, the main reason for high productivity rates for Google employees their policies of inclusion and happiness for their workers. While other companies such as Apple use tight regulations to increase productivity, Google policies promote freedom, inclusion, and happiness for their workers.

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Size of Company and HR Size
By September 30, 2017, Google had 78,101 employees under the management of the HR department. According to the 3rd quarter report, the increase in the size of the HR department resulted in a growth of the R&D expenses by $609 million within a period of three months. Besides, the increase in the number of employees over time has consistently led to a higher depreciation of and more expenditure for equipment-related services or products. On the surface, the size of the HR department at Google appears to hurt the company (Vozza et al.). However, critically, it is one of the strongest facilitators of the culture of work at the company. For example, due to its belief in quality, Google sends high amounts on recruitment. Normally, the recruitment process at Google is both expensive and tedious. However, it guarantees long-term employees who are reliable and productive. It also helps Google maintain its high quality-working environment for employees that is centered on freedom and assistance.

Work Environment: Positive/Negative
The work environment at Google is one of the best globally. It is built on the belief that a good working culture increases employee productivity and satisfaction. Primarily, Google work environment is based on inclusion. Accordingly, the work environment at Google promotes comfort, freedom, and innovation for employees to be productive (“Diversity”). For instance, all the employees have flexible working hours, use casual dressing, can assess onsite medicate care, are allowed to have pets it the office, have full membership to an onsite gym, and receive generous parental leaves.

HR rules and Policies
Google’s People Operations team (POp) also known as the HR follow one main mantra into their policies and operations: “find them, grow them, and keep them”. The mantra guides the staffing and development policies and practices that the HR department assumes. Google’s work environment is inclusive. The company’s HR department ensures that employees are free to make suggestions at work, which are valued in the decision-making process. Besides, even in their innovation, the company has instituted a culture that first releases new products to employees internally for testing before refining and later unveiling them to the market. Besides, they have other policies, such as the 20 percent project, which allows employees to devote up to 20 percent of their work time to projects that are outside their responsibility. They also promote equity and fairness, especially through the diversity program in hiring.

Benefits and Compensation
Google provides its employees with numerous benefits essential for satisfaction and subsequent high productivity. The benefits include flexible working hours, especially with the 20 percent project. They also offer Googles options on their dressing modes, with free drinks, snacks, and meals at work. They also offer expert financial management services to employees to grow them personally. In addition, parents and spouses are featured in the leaves and death benefits, and travel allowances that Googles receive (“How We Hire – Google Careers”). Other rewards include freedom to have pets at work, immediate health benefits after joining the company, onsite gym, and onsite medical care for emergencies and checkup.

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