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Human Behavior

McDonaldization of Education

I was horrified by the film "The Human Behavior Experiences." Although I had heard of the Milgram study, I was not familiar with the Stanford Prison Study or the other incidents mentioned. The Stanford study stood out the most to me because not only the "prisoners" and "guards" radically changed...

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Learning Styles and Generational Characteristics

It has actually been for the first time in management history that four essentially different generations find themselves working in one workplace together. The issue is prominent since every generation of these four – Traditionalists, Baby Boomers, Generation X, and Generation Y – has different values, beliefs, desires, expectations, and...

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Reflection on Film on Cognitive Therapy

The film watched in class, which portrays a case study of how cognitive therapy is utilized in borderline personality disorder, demonstrates not only the techniques with which the cognitive therapist works, but also the broader theoretical framework which shapes cognitive therapy as a whole. In other words, the techniques of...

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Communication Outline

People communicate is so many different ways. They communicate with words, with eye contact, with body language, with different languages, with hand gestures and signals, and with instruments of all kinds. When breaking down communicative actions into broad categories, there are two major divisions. First, verbal communication includes using words...

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Who Are the Gifted?

As a whole, our society doesn’t like the term “gifted.” It’s condemned as elitist, and many people who don’t understand intellectual giftedness proclaim that “all children are gifted.” While all children may show talents and gifts that make them unique, gifted students truly stand out. They possess a unique set...

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