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Human Behavior

Erikson Theory Paper

Erik Erikson expanded on the theories of Sigmund Freud as he also explained that human development progressed through different stages. As Freud emphasized fixed stages that were influenced by adult and child relationships, Erikson used a model that focused on the crises of development and the influence each stage had...

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Group Conflict Resolution

Some of the early work on conflict resolution demonstrated that there were some key concepts necessary first to induce conflict between group and then to resolve this conflict to a point where the groups would collaborate toward a shared, common goal. The early Robber’s Cave Experiment was an early example...

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How Do I Know What Is Right?

For this assignment I have selected scenario #2. According to the utilitarian ethical theory, it would appear that the correct choice to be made in this situation is to lie to Uncle Bob and not tell the truth about the gambling debt, but instead state that the money is needed...

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Intelligence and Emotional Behavior

The given research paper explores the connection between intelligence and one’s emotional life (happiness, stress resistance, inclination toward depression). Firstly, the author studies the relationship between GI (general intelligence), EI (emotional intelligence) and one’s capacity to effectively react to stress. Secondly, the paper analyzes research findings which demonstrate a positive...

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Human Development on Coping with Loss and Grief

When individuals experience the loss of important people in their lives, they face many difficult emotional challenges which impact their wellbeing, and these emotions can occur for a very long period of time. If individuals are prepared for the loss due to lengthy illness or for other reasons, the experience...

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