Through technology, many medical breakthroughs have been made possible such as human cloning. Cloning refers to the technological act of creating an organism or group of cells from the ancestor that are genetically identical. Therefore, human cloning is the production of genetically identical humans. The two types of human cloning that are commonly known are therapeutic and reproductive cloning. Therapeutic cloning would entangle the use of cloned cells from the human for use in medical and transplants.

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There are many advantages of human cloning that would benefit humans. Analysts believe that it might be possible to use human cloning to reverse the aging process. Consequently, there has been a discovery of the stem cells of a human being. Some stem cells such as embryonic can be grown to give out tissues that would repair or replace damaged ones which might help infertile couples to have children. Through cloning, our genes could be corrected and may also clone liver and kidney for transplants. Furthermore, with the use of human cloning we may learn to grow spinal cord or nerves back again when injured and clone the bone marrow for adults and children ailing from blood cancer.

Despite the advantages, human cloning has disadvantages. Firstly it might disrupt human and moral rights. It could bring psychological problems and stress amidst of clones since they might think that their life is laid out before them, and they might feel minor about their identity. The procedure of human cloning consists of numerous exposures and dangers to the life of the clones that can affect the dignity of the human.

I would be against human cloning because we have not developed the technology sufficiently and also human cloning is against nature. In fact, human cloning ought to be banned completely since no one knows about the long-term effects that can result from human cloning. Again, every person out to be unique, but once cloning takes place, the human’s are stripped-off the aspect of individuality. The government must look into this practice and set up law to govern it, otherwise, some professionals might take advantage on illiterate people.