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Human resource

Equal Pay

There is a concept of labor rights, stating that people should be paid equally in the same workplace. The concept commonly relates to the context of sexual discrimination, which results in the so-called gender pay gap. According to numerous sources, and as a commonly known fact, there is no country...

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The Missed Promotion

Bobbi's approach Bobbi should understand that Paul is in a state of depression. Therefore, as a manager who is concerned about her employees, she has to approach Paul in a way that will boost his self-esteem by first inviting him for coffee (Mosley & Pietri, 2014). She should then show...

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BIMS Survey

Ballard Integrated Managed Services, Inc. (BIMS), is experiencing a significant problem with morale and employee turnover at their Douglas Medical Center operation. At Douglas Medical Center, the employee turnover rate had risen to over 64%, which is high even for the low-skill nature of BIMS’ general work. To understand this...

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Unit II Assignment: Team Building

1. In order to assemble an effective team, it is necessary to evaluate the motivation-skill potential of every candidate accurately. The table below illustrates the assessment of this potential performed with the help of a “Skills-Motivation Matrix.” The matrix represented above demonstrates that the team driving force is composed of...

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Building On Prior Success

A network operating system was designed to manage networked resources within and outside an organization. The operating system manages and supports personal computers, workstation, printers and servers (Burgess, 2007). It ensures transmission of information and communication across a network. A network operating system combines software programs that give instructions to...

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