Samples "Human Rights"

Human Rights

Women Suffrage

It took some good period of time before women were allowed to vote. The campaign advocating for change of constitution took almost a hundred years. The suffrages could not have been successful until activists and reformers together. There were many factors derailing the struggles since in many cases they failed...

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Morality and Law Works

The case of Loving v. Virginia in 1967 was a seminal case in US law, as it struck down a Virginia law that banned interracial marriage. The basis for this decision was that banning marriage due to the races of the parties was a violation of the 14th Amendment, particularly...

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Civil Liberties

The Constitution started off with a bill of rights. First of all, it declared that Texas was an independent and free state as well as that it was subject solely to the Constitution of the United States. The inherent political power was declare along with the Republican form of government....

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The Power of One

Rosa Parks is a vibrant civil rights activist in Tuskegee, Alabama. She has played an instrumental activist role ever since her youthful days in the course of fighting against racial segregation and discrimination in the society. One of the most remarkable role she has played towards fighting for equality is...

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Human Trafficking Causes

Human trafficking refers to the forced transportation of a human being for a variety of illegal and unethical purposes. These purposes include using women and children for prostitution, also known as sexual slavery. Other times, the practice is used to provide labor for a person at a minimal cost; this...

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