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Human Rights

Civil Rights Act of 1957

Before the Civil Rights Act of 1957 was passed, the African Americans in the United States of America were treated unfairly even though the Reconstruction Acts of 1867 had begun the process of bringing equality to all citizens. The primary reason that this occurred is that the rights of the...

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The Development and Successes of the Civil Rights Era

The emergence of the Civil Rights Movement in the mid-twentieth century marks a profound turning point in American history. Although one might trace the roots of the Civil Rights Movement back to the abolition movement of the nineteenth century, historians pinpoint the 1954 Supreme Court case Brown v. Board of...

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Civil Rights in the 1960’s and Today

In 2017, the right to liberty and freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution, or civil rights, are still being oppressed. Many marginalized communities and persons continue to face discrimination, and racism unfortunately continues to be a prevalent phenomenon. In many instances, such as the recent wave of African-American men being shot...

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A Comparison of Gay Rights with Civil Rights Issues of the 1960s

The 1960s saw the civil rights movements, the women’s suffrage movement, and the gay rights movements become full-fledged social movements. All of these movements had key leaders who were persistent, intelligent, and inspiring, and dared to challenge ordinary American society. Although, none of these movement leaders lived long enough to...

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Minorities and Human Rights

The article “Australian Prisoners with Disabilities Subjected to Harrowing Abuse, Report Finds,” published on February 6, 2018, in the newspaper “The Guardian,” is retrieved from It focuses on the violation of human rights in Western Australia and Queensland. According to the article, the assessment of treatment conditions for prisoners...

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“Measuring Human Rights” and Falk’s, “Human Rights”

In his Human Rights article, Richard Falk perceives the concept of human rights as a cornerstone for the international community. However, recently the concept has acquired the regional flavor becoming split into Islamic, European or American. The situation with the protection of the universal rights considerably worsened after 9/11 mishap....

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Human Rights Activism

Human rights activism is a practice by individual persons, groups, organization or movements with the aim to advocate for human rights protection. Human rights activism emanated from a Declaration of Human Rights Defenders by the United Nations in 1998, whereby individuals, groups, organs of the society got the rights and...

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Implication Of European Colonial Interests For Human Rights

The European colonial interest had a tremendous impact on the state of human rights in every country anywhere across the globe. Some of the effects are continually felt even today in the colonies. A case study of the Belgium colonization of Congo, as Adam Hochschild records in his book –...

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Rights vs. the National Security

Despite the need for the American constitution to respect the personal liberties of the citizens, there is the need to protect the nation by denying the citizens their rights to liberty. It is imperative to note that the personal liberties should not be guaranteed at the expense of the good...

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Reproductive Rights

Introduction The history of reproductive rights in the United States reflects the history of the nation's shifting views on morality and gender roles. In a very real sense, legislature in this matter has traditionally been guided by mainstream thinking focused on a woman's virtual obligation to have children, and within...

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Experiments On Human

Human experimentation has been taking place for many decades and in various forms as well as for various reasons or objectives. However, human experimentation is a serious act and one that will be given consideration in this work in writing. According to the Holocaust Encyclopedia medical experimentation that was unethical...

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The Evolution Of Our Modern Conception Of Human Rights

In a review of one of H. Gene Blocker’s book, Dennis Dutton writes of how Blocker sees artefacts – both historical and contemporary - as revealing the “values, beliefs, and sentiments” of a particular society (Dutton, 1995, p. 321). This view is clearly reflected in Blocker’s discussion of how historical...

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Latin America: The Struggle For Independence And National Identity

Independence in the Latin America came about in the 19th century after three centuries of colonialism. The then European superpowers in France, Spain, Portugal and Britain had for years colonialized the South Americans. The Creoles` political, commercial and social freedom was in the hands of their European masters. However, according...

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Women’s Equality Debate

The subject of women's equality is one of the most consistent topics of debate in contemporary political discourse. While several people argue that a state has now been reached in which can be understood to experience an actually equal position within society, it is possible to claim that, when actually...

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Transgender Rights

There is a debate in Texas. Whether transgender people should be allowed to use women’s bathroom is an issue being aggressively argued from both sides. The question is a complicated one, with an answer equally as difficult to ascertain. Those in favor of allowing transgender people to use women’s bathrooms...

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