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Human Rights

Voting Rights

The American political environment has undergone drastic changes, influenced by the retrogressive agendas of some political establishments, which use the legislative powers vested by the State constitution to gain an unfair advantage in electoral contests. Democracy in these southern states has grappled with alleged incidences of discrimination against the black...

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Cuss Time Analysis and Comparison

Based on the non-fiction materials used in this course, articles demonstrate their point of reference with unique evidence and techniques. The problems associated with this approach allows for a valuable assertion on why each author has selected their approach. Jill McCorkie describes in vivid details the characters and conversation between...

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Civil Rights Act of 1957

Before the Civil Rights Act of 1957 was passed, the African Americans in the United States of America were treated unfairly even though the Reconstruction Acts of 1867 had begun the process of bringing equality to all citizens. The primary reason that this occurred is that the rights of the...

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The Development and Successes of the Civil Rights Era

The emergence of the Civil Rights Movement in the mid-twentieth century marks a profound turning point in American history. Although one might trace the roots of the Civil Rights Movement back to the abolition movement of the nineteenth century, historians pinpoint the 1954 Supreme Court case Brown v. Board of...

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Civil Rights in the 1960’s and Today

In 2017, the right to liberty and freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution, or civil rights, are still being oppressed. Many marginalized communities and persons continue to face discrimination, and racism unfortunately continues to be a prevalent phenomenon. In many instances, such as the recent wave of African-American men being shot...

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