The Idaho Museum of Natural History’s biggest issue is that people believe it is too small. Overwhelmingly, this was the highest concern among patrons to the museum. In order to address this concern, the museum would need to upgrade its equipment, technology and employee training.
One thing the Idaho Museum of Natural History could do to address space issues is actually just to upgrade the materials it has on hand for exhibits. Part of the problem is not actually the physical space but the fact that there is a lack of material and equipment to change existing exhibits and layouts. This makes the museum feel even smaller than its physical size. Compounded with this, there are few computers, touch screens or virtual reality equipment. Changing existing exhibits and adding updated computer technology will help the museum feel larger within its physical space.

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Additionally, employees need better training. There is a lack of well-trained employees in the museum. This could leave visitors to wander around aimlessly on their own. This lets visitors breeze through the museum quickly, adding to the sense that the museum is very small. Well-trained employees could engage visitors and help them more deeply appreciate the exhibits that already exist at the museum.

Of course, these improvements will take some funding. This could come from outside interest and investment. Engaging ISU top management could help get fresh exhibits and maybe even better training for staff members. Also, it would be useful to get volunteers or employees willing to work outside. By creating an outside space as well as improving the indoor space, the museum will feel greatly expanded.