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Self-Concept in Individualistic versus Collectivist Cultures

The influence of culture has a significant impact in one's self-concept, or collection of beliefs about one's overall place and identity in society. Self-concept includes all elements related to one's perceptions about the self, including socioeconomic status, gender identification, sexual orientation, ethnic identity, motivations and self-esteem (Byrne, 2006). Because individualistic...

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Self Concept Essay

Iconoclastic is not an adjective that finds its way into very many resumes or job applications. Despite the attractiveness of the word “icon” making up two of its syllables, the connotation carries with it a sense of the more untrustworthy and undependable sort of non-conformist. And why not? The original...

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Who Inspires You: Essay Sample

This is a sample "who inspires you" essay, which is a common assignment in many colleges and universities. Read on reading to find out how to write about someone who inspires you most and supports your accomplishments! My brother is someone that inspired not only me, but also everyone else...

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Who Am I – Great Essay Sample On Myself

There are so many things that I am and so many things that I am not. Yet if I had to answer the question “Who am I?” I would say the following. First and foremost, I am a human being. But also I am a woman, I am a mother,...

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Top-Notch Identity Essay Sample

While there are numerous ways to identify any individual, how a specific person identifies himself may be quite different from how others identify him. How an individual identifies himself can affect the social actions, cultural affiliations, the amount of self-esteem that is carried, and the relationships a person builds. Self-identification...

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