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Immigration to the US

The Economics of Immigration: A Look at Mexico to U.S. Immigration

Through the late 20th and early 21st centuries, illegal immigration from Mexico has been an important topic in political debates. Over the years, this issue has impacted a range of areas of American life, such as social, cultural and political matters. The matter that seems to gain the most discussion...

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What America Owes Its Illegals – Rhetorical Analysis

Barbara Ehrenreich’s 2007 article, “What America Owes to Its Illegals” touches the issue of illegal immigrants and the way that they are treated by the authorities and by companies. Her article is motivated by the immigration bill which states that illegal immigrants must pay $ 5000 to gain citizenship in...

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Human Trafficking: San Diego

Human trafficking is a mode of slavery used in the modern-day society. This is done forcefully, using fraud or even being coerced into it. Over the years, millions of adults and children have been trafficked into different countries around the world. Trafficking is a business that generates billions of profit...

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Immigration in the 19th Century America

How did immigration to America change in the latter half of the nineteenth century, and what was the response to that change? The U.S. changed in terms of immigration in the latter half of the 19th century because public opinion on immigrants became more positive. Between the 1880-1920s, industrialization and...

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Undocumented Immigrants in Union County, NJ

While not going so far as to label themselves a sanctuary county, Union County, New Jersey has a long history of supporting immigrants, documented or not. With President Trump’s recent defunding of localities that are considered sanctuaries, Union County, while not yet in danger of losing federal grants, is determining...

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The Historical Moment for Arab Americans

This essay will look at the most important moment in Arab history that lead up to immigration to the United States. The moment that will be looked at is the immigrants that came to the United States during the Palestinian/Arab War with Israel that began in 1948. This was a...

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Hmong in America

Gran Torino is a 2008 film set in a Detroit, Michigan suburb. Walt Kowalski, a retired American veteran and factory worker from Poland, lives in a community that has become dominated by Asian gangs. He is a loner in the community. His neighbor, tries to steal his antique Gran Torino...

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Refugees and Trump’s Ban

The article in the New York Times says President Trump’s immigrant ban was porrly designed and implemented in haste. It even included those with green card and caused Iraqi translators for the U.S. Army to be detained temporarily. The ban has also prevented many visa holders from the countries in...

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Irish in America

Stigmatization and discrimination against immigrants has long been an unfortunate practice in America, and it has become a subject deserving of further study. The Irish have traditionally been an ethnic group of immigrants stigmatized in America, dating back to their emigration in the 19th century. In fact, John Francis Maguire’s...

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Immigration Enforcement in the US

Immigration is a serious issue affecting the United States government. Although the constitution provides guideline it to the issue of immigration, the increasing number of aliens has evoked he debate on the effectiveness of the enforcement of immigration policies. Statistics indicate that in 2010, there were eleven unregistered immigrants in...

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The U.S. Immigration System

During the presidential campaigns, immigration was a hot topic. Gaining U.S. immigration is quite a complex procedure which is limited by green cards, the Immigration Act of 1990, and the antiterrorism act (Wernick, 24). There is also the issue of illegal immigration, most which comes from Mexico. One of the...

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Immigration Policy of the United States

IntroductionThe direction by President Trump to aggressively enforce the immigration laws of the United States has unleashed the full force of the federal government in finding, arresting, and deporting those who are illegally in the country (Renwick & Lee 1). The directions are taking place regardless of whether these persons...

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Hillary Clinton’s Immigration Policy

The United States presidential elections are going to be held on August 8, 2016 in line with the stipulations of the countries constitutions. Candidates are currently on their campaign trails in aim of convincing voters to cast ballots in their favor when the day of voting comes, but first need...

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19th Century American Immigration Policy

The history of America is one that has always tried to reconcile the desire to make real the symbolism of the Statue of Liberty with a fervent desire to maintain not just a Euro-centric culture, but one specifically connected to the English-language culture prevalent throughout Europe. For this reason, it...

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Immigration And Its Effect On American Union Workers

Immigration is the movement of people to countries where they are not native citizens to settle there as naturalized or permanent citizens. Just like other powerful industrial countries around the globe, the issue of immigration is a matter of national concern in the United States of America. Its implications cut...

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Economic Impact On Illegal Immigration In The United States

Illegal immigration has been a source of increasing concern for economists in the United States. During the last ten years, the population of illegal immigrants in the US has increased from five million to the current 11.7 million; an issue which has prompted angry charged that the country has lost...

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Deportation of Parents of American Citizens

The present inquiry is into the question of “anchor babies” — the American citizen children of unlawful residents. These children, to whom we will not refer as “anchor babies” because of the pejorative nature of the term, are so called because they have, under some immigration policies, the effect of...

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Effects of Illegal Immigrants on Budget Costs for Federal and Local Governments

Illegal immigrants affect the local economies in many ways. An evaluation of the effects reveals that the areas where the illegal immigrants are perceived to have a negative effect on the economies are not true. In fact, the perception of negative effects has been shown to be untrue by research...

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What Is the Economic Impact of Mexican Immigrants in Southern California?

When President Donald Trump was sworn into office several months ago, he appeared to be especially vocal about the process of limiting and reducing the number of immigrants coming into the United States. The building of a wall along the Mexican border has continued to raise a higher number of...

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