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Economic Case for Immigration Reform

Immigration reform has emerged as one of the most politically divisive issues in American. The critics claim immigration reform is akin to amnesty for those who broke the law in the first place while the supporters of the immigration reform claim it is only a practical step, given the realities...

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Immigration Essay

The writings regarding immigration provided in the articles range greatly. There is the perspective that immigrants constitute a large illiterate population in the US as well as being a substantial proportion of criminals and insane people who are bound to be on the receiving end of charitable institutions. On the...

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Puerto Rican, Cuban, & Dominican Migration Patterns To The U.S.

Migrations from Puerto Rico to the United States mainland started as early as 1898 when the island officially become a United States territory, but it wasn’t until the 2000-2011 period, that the very largest migration wave, of a staggering 300,000 officially tilted the scales – making the United States mainland...

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Immigration and Crime

Social disorganization theory would feel that immigration is responsible for crime. It feels immigration and high population growth are the key components of crime because the increased crowded conditions in urban centers create chaos. This chaos results in friction between the residents of the community and a higher demand for...

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Illegal Immigration in the US

U.S. is often called the land of immigrants and it is not difficult to understand why. Besides Native Indians, all other ethnic groups can trace their ancestry to other countries including those in Europe and Africa. As a country that has primarily been built by the immigrants, one would expect...

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