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Economic Case for Immigration Reform

Immigration reform has emerged as one of the most politically divisive issues in American. The critics claim immigration reform is akin to amnesty for those who broke the law in the first place while the supporters of the immigration reform claim it is only a practical step, given the realities...

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Immigration Essay

The writings regarding immigration provided in the articles range greatly. There is the perspective that immigrants constitute a large illiterate population in the US as well as being a substantial proportion of criminals and insane people who are bound to be on the receiving end of charitable institutions. On the...

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Puerto Rican, Cuban, & Dominican Migration Patterns To The U.S.

Migrations from Puerto Rico to the United States mainland started as early as 1898 when the island officially become a United States territory, but it wasn’t until the 2000-2011 period, that the very largest migration wave, of a staggering 300,000 officially tilted the scales – making the United States mainland...

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Immigration and Crime

Social disorganization theory would feel that immigration is responsible for crime. It feels immigration and high population growth are the key components of crime because the increased crowded conditions in urban centers create chaos. This chaos results in friction between the residents of the community and a higher demand for...

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Illegal Immigration in the US

U.S. is often called the land of immigrants and it is not difficult to understand why. Besides Native Indians, all other ethnic groups can trace their ancestry to other countries including those in Europe and Africa. As a country that has primarily been built by the immigrants, one would expect...

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Proposed Changes to the Permanent Residency Requirements in Australia for Citizenship

Introduction Citizenship has proven to be a fundamental mechanism in fostering integration and making people feel fully committed and connected to Australia. In the Bill Inquiry 2017 Submission 195 on strengthening the requirements for Australian Citizenship and other measures, “Applicants will be required to demonstrate a minimum of four years...

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Mexico City vs. Dallas Texas

Choosing a city of residence is not an easy task because each city is characterized by its own strengths and weaknesses. In this essay, I am going to compare two large cities one might consider as potential places of residence: Mexico City and Dallas. These cities have been selected for...

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Mexican Americans in the Southwest

This paper will assess the contributions of the Mexican American immigration to the culture and history of the southwest. In 1990, the census results approximated that 12 million people of Mexican origin settled in the United States. This was a 4.7% of the whole American population and 62% of the...

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Interview with a Jamaican Temporary Worker

I conducted my interview with Vivenne Farquharson, a child care worker in Brooklyn New York, using video chat. Vivenne has been a legal temporary worker in the United States, on and off, for about a decade. She typically works or four months, then returns home for 6 to 12 weeks...

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Undocumented Immigrant Economic Research

Immigration has become a hot-button issue in the United States currently. The national election brought the issue to the forefront after years of partisan bickering. The topic became important as the leading candidate for the presidency—and the current president—announced time and again that illegal immigrants were hurting the American economy...

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US Immigration Pattern

Historically, the US has been known as ‘the melting pot of nations’, built by the people coming from all over the world and sharing the same culture. However, the recent trends indicate that such nation-building process based on the foundation of immigration is no longer always exemplary and successful. Pros:...

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Why Illegal Immigration is an Intergovernmental Mess and Will Remain so

Across the world, illegal immigration refers to the entry of a person or a group of people from a foreign country to the home country across the border, in an unauthorized way (Shafritz, Russell and Borick, 2015). Mainly, there are various ways which illegal immigration is an intergovernmental issue. The...

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Immigration Issues

The issue of immigration has always dominated the political agenda in the United States particularly in the electioneering period. Many political candidates are usually hard-pressed to express their stand or viewpoints in regards to the issue of surging numbers of immigrants specifically those that enter the country illegally or live...

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Immigration Narrative

It's difficult at times, seeing them and knowing that they'll never understand. I can't fault them for it but it's still the truth surrounding them. I never had the luxury of growing up here and I will never understand the way that they truly see me or my family. That...

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Immigration Topic

Immigration is an extremely controversial political topic today. A focal point of this debate centers on the balance between national security and the value brought to the U.S. by immigrants. On one side of the debate, the threats the U.S. national security are so great and likely that all immigration...

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The Impact Of Latino Immigration

Introduction The immigration of Latinos has been a common phenomenon in the United States for many centuries. Currently, the number of Latino immigrants in the US amounts to over 11 million people who came to live in the US. Additionally, Latino immigrants historically contributed to the development of the Unites...

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Cartoon Analysis

America, while built on immigrants, has not always been welcoming towards all groups due to cultural and physiological differences. This can be said through numerous time periods such as the slave trade and Eastern European immigration. In the 1800s, the U.S. was resistant towards Irish and Chinese immigrants who came...

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Ideological Perspectives of Population-Specific Policy

Undocumented immigrants are technically breaking federal immigration law, however most are hardworking, and they supply labor for necessary jobs at a lower price than would otherwise be available. The children of undocumented immigrants grow up with many of the same influences as children who are American citizens. They also have...

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Horizontal And Vertical Integration

In terms of the expansion of business in the nineteenth century in America, horizontal and vertical integration were integral in establishing how successful firms conducted themselves and how they handled competitors and other entities. To better understand how this occurred, it is important to understand the definitions of horizontal and...

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Theories of Immigration

The 1800’s in the United States were a turbulent time in terms of population. A huge influx of immigrants were arriving in urban centers of the U.S. near-constantly from the start of the 19th century until the 1860’s. There are several theories of immigration that could potentially explain why immigration...

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