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US Immigration Pattern

Historically, the US has been known as ‘the melting pot of nations’, built by the people coming from all over the world and sharing the same culture. However, the recent trends indicate that such nation-building process based on the foundation of immigration is no longer always exemplary and successful. Pros:...

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Why Illegal Immigration is an Intergovernmental Mess and Will Remain so

Across the world, illegal immigration refers to the entry of a person or a group of people from a foreign country to the home country across the border, in an unauthorized way (Shafritz, Russell and Borick, 2015). Mainly, there are various ways which illegal immigration is an intergovernmental issue. The...

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Immigration Issues

The issue of immigration has always dominated the political agenda in the United States particularly in the electioneering period. Many political candidates are usually hard-pressed to express their stand or viewpoints in regards to the issue of surging numbers of immigrants specifically those that enter the country illegally or live...

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Immigration Narrative

It's difficult at times, seeing them and knowing that they'll never understand. I can't fault them for it but it's still the truth surrounding them. I never had the luxury of growing up here and I will never understand the way that they truly see me or my family. That...

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Immigration Topic

Immigration is an extremely controversial political topic today. A focal point of this debate centers on the balance between national security and the value brought to the U.S. by immigrants. On one side of the debate, the threats the U.S. national security are so great and likely that all immigration...

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