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Immigration Topic

Immigration is an extremely controversial political topic today. A focal point of this debate centers on the balance between national security and the value brought to the U.S. by immigrants. On one side of the debate, the threats the U.S. national security are so great and likely that all immigration...

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Cartoon Analysis

America, while built on immigrants, has not always been welcoming towards all groups due to cultural and physiological differences. This can be said through numerous time periods such as the slave trade and Eastern European immigration. In the 1800s, the U.S. was resistant towards Irish and Chinese immigrants who came...

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Ideological Perspectives of Population-Specific Policy

Undocumented immigrants are technically breaking federal immigration law, however most are hardworking, and they supply labor for necessary jobs at a lower price than would otherwise be available. The children of undocumented immigrants grow up with many of the same influences as children who are American citizens. They also have...

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Horizontal And Vertical Integration

In terms of the expansion of business in the nineteenth century in America, horizontal and vertical integration were integral in establishing how successful firms conducted themselves and how they handled competitors and other entities. To better understand how this occurred, it is important to understand the definitions of horizontal and...

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Theories of Immigration

The 1800’s in the United States were a turbulent time in terms of population. A huge influx of immigrants were arriving in urban centers of the U.S. near-constantly from the start of the 19th century until the 1860’s. There are several theories of immigration that could potentially explain why immigration...

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