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Laws of Migration

One of the migration laws by Ravensten (1885) states that females are more migratory than males within their country, but most international migrants are young males. Due to the current migration trends, I disagree that most international migrants are young males. Studying the migration trends beginning on 1960 onwards, women...

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For Students, Travel Ban Spells Uncertainty

The U.S immigration ban on six major Islamic countries to enter the United States is sending a spell of uncertainty for many on- U.S citizens, particularly from the banned countries. Sadaf, an Iranian student studying fashion and design is reconsidering her stay and the course of her education in the...

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Life Changing Decision

One life changing decision that I have made is to go to school in America. It has changed my life in way that I never could have dreamed. It was more of a choice that involved my feelings. I could not wait to get a new experience here. Going to...

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Settlers and Natives

Part IThe document titled, “Discourse of Virginia” was written by Edward Maria Wingfield in but was not published until 1860s. Wingfield directed his message to the people of Virginia and the world at large, telling them to look at the system of administration and understand their roles as citizens (Wingfield,...

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Does Immigration Help or Hurt America?

Generations of Italians, Jews and Irish faced the challenges and prejudice of their times, lives in miserable ghettoes, and yet in a generation or two found their place in the heart of America which celebrated their contributions. However, our government at the federal and state levels are about to implement...

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Let's stand with the heroes Ukraine

As Putin continues killing civilians, bombing kindergartens, and threatening WWIII, Ukraine fights for the world's peaceful future.

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