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President Trump’s policies on Immigration and the roll back of the Affordable Care Health Plan

In every nation state, it is often normal for the new administrations to come up with new polies or policy change in various critical sectors. This is evident in the contemporary events in the US whereby the Trump’s administration is putting into practice various pledges that were made during the...

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Different types of citizenship in the USA

Citizenship is defined as the legal rights to belong to a particular country (Walenta par 2). The writer asserts that a citizen is a person who is recognized as a member of a country and owes allegiance to the government and is supposed to be protected by the government (Walenta...

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Migration to the New World from Ukraine

Moving from the Ukraine to the United States was a journey that changed my life. I gave me a new home and new opportunities that I never thought I would have before. I did not have a great deal of expectations about the journey at the time that it took...

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Immigration Of A Chinese-American Family

This narrative will focus upon the immigration of a Chinese-American family, the Lees. Their children are first generation American citizens who lived and grew up in the United States but their story begins in a small district in Nanjing. The family, while successful in their pursuits, found themselves at odds...

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Migration of Humans to the New World from Europe in Early Prehistoric Times

The past few decades has seen a raging ideological debate and controversies on whether humans migrated to the new world from Europe in early pre-historic times. The proponents primarily set their basis on the Solutrean hypothesis that was proposed in the year 1998. The theory claims that the earliest American...

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Let's stand with the heroes Ukraine

As Putin continues killing civilians, bombing kindergartens, and threatening WWIII, Ukraine fights for the world's peaceful future.

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