This describes all civil aviation operations that deal with flight activities. It covers a wide range of activities that vary from corporate jet operations, powered parachutes to gliders. General aviation covers all the activities that are entailed in air traffic (Knecht, 2013). This does not include scheduled and non-scheduled air operations for hire or remuneration. These operations are usually operated by airlines, military or charter organizations. General aviation is a dynamic and diverse sector undergoing dynamic changes. It controls all the crucial works including the aeronautical industry. General aviation has a big impact on the air transportation industry.

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General aviation is a great addition to the transport industry. Globally, it has assisted in creating thousands of job opportunities and it is a major hub for the economy. It has initiated a lot of activities and functions in the air transport industry (Williams, 2013). Without general aviation, major innovations that been enhanced in air transport would not run because they could experience paralysis. General aviation has brought creativity that has led to introduction of new services that are very crucial in facilitating convenience in the industry.

This industry provides acts as a source of motivation in the air transport industry. This makes all military and airline pilots to embrace professional competence as the only tool for survival in the industry. This kind of aviation makes air transport to be a crucial part of the society and human life. This is because it increases its productivity and relevance. Some of the crucial services that are provided as a result of general aviation include police and military operations, medical services and other rescue missions. Aerial inspections can also be used in agricultural and survey activities. This attributed to the flexibility of the airline paths and the ability to access areas where other transport services cannot reach. The speed of airline services is also another important part of the industry (Knecht, 2013).

General aviation acts as the platform for law enforcement for state, local and national programs (Christa, 2012). Large law enforcement areas like metropolitan agencies use base their helicopter fleets on general aviation. For this kind of air transport, it is usually easy and less expensive than a primary airport which may be characterized by a lot of commercial activities. General aviation is therefore an innovation that provides convenience in offering effective alternatives and programs in the air industry. This innovation has brought a lot of innovation in the air transport industry.

General aviation has brought great revolution in the air transport industry. This is because it provides unique services that enhance alternative transport means for special case flights. These flights have specialized arrangements with automotive trips for business and private needs. This is because they have the ability to make short trips that are sensitive to time with guaranteed safety and affordable prices. These can also be used to pursue recreational activities. These kind of unique ventures have assisted the air transport sector to forge new alliances between interested parties with business collisions to improve on the market (Knecht, 2013).

This type of aviation has taken over control of various activities in the air transport industry (Williams, 2013). Most of these areas are the technical part of air transport. These areas dictated by general aviation vary from manufacturing of aircrafts to flight activities. The integrated design systems in propulsion and manufacturing is controlled by general aviation. It has led to emergence of aerodynamics and effective operating infrastructure which dictate the unconventional designs in the market today. The control over the air transport has been applied directly or indirectly. Indirect control apply when their activities influence others already in the industry.

General aviation aircrafts exhibit high rates of flexibility. This is widely evident in the types of services that they offer (Knecht, 2013). Traditionally, air carriers only had flights to specific areas of operation. Some of these areas were characterized with economic justifications and other logistical considerations. The revolution enhanced by general aviation is very wide and significant. This is because general aviation can secure flights to new destinations. These flights are made to numerous small towns across the country. These are over very short distances. This is supported by the nature of the aircrafts used to facilitate the small flights. These aircrafts are relatively small in size and thus their consumption can be accommodated within the economies of short distance flights (Williams, 2013).

Emergence of general aviation has led to introduction of various industries. These industries support the aviation industry. In the wider view, the aircraft industry benefits from the emerging business entities. This has led to emergence of numerous repair and maintenance stations for the equipment used in the air transport industry. Because of the competition, more sophisticated and quality services are offered in the industry and thus improving the quality of service. Besides the quality, the services are available at various places where they can be acquired and accessed easily (Christa, 2012).

In conclusion, general aviation has brought several chances to the air transport sector. These changes are manifested in various sections within the industry (Williams, 2013). This includes innovation, efficiency and versatility. This has led to emergency of various business and job opportunities in around the air transport domain. It has led to emergency of convenient services in the air transport sector. This has increased the general economic and social output as a result of the air transport industry. The general aviation industry has initiated marvelous positive changes in the air transport industry.