The current trends that are currently occurring in education are that technology has been incorporated. Use of games also called gaming is used to teach children. Children are also helped to form emotional intelligence using technology. Technology is also used to help special education children gain emotional intelligence; certain apps are developed to help children cope with their environment.
I believe that the impact of technology in education is important. Technology would help students stay on track on the given task that they have been given (Clare, 2015). I have always had a deep interest in finding new ways of helping students learn more and have fun while learning (Goad, 2015). Technology has become a useful tool in learning since it enables the student to enjoy doing his or her assignments (Clare, 2015). When there is enjoyment in learning, students learn faster than they would normally have.

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Regarding their emotional well being, I believe that students are helped to cope with their different emotions. Apps such as Breathe, Think, Do enable students to be able to manage their emotions giving them strategies on how to effectively solve problems (Clare, 2015).

Technology is also useful to the teachers and the school I teach in. I can accomplish many things with the use of technology as opposed to not using technology. The school is also able to cover the curriculum in a much faster way as opposed to when technology is not used (Goad, 2015). The school is also able to save on costs since books are found electronically in an online library.

As a teacher, I believe that there will be more advancements in technology. These improvements will help students get the concept they are taught in a much broader manner. Teachers and students will also have a better time learning and teaching since the workload will be reduced.

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