The technologies of cell phones, the internet and computers have become an integral part of life on a world wide basis, with the socioeconomic differences that usually dictates availability diminishing every year.
Cell phones have an immense socioeconomic impact worldwide, and statistics illustrate the growth explosion. In 1983 Motorola distributed the first U.S. cell phone distributed and by 2014 international distribution skyrocketed to 34 billion with expected growth to 4.6 billion by 2020. Worldwide employment in the mobile ‘ecosystem’ reached almost 25 million (GSMA), this included both direct and indirect job support. From one phone to multi-millions in just a few decades supports the intrinsic value of the cell phone.

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From a university’s first internal communication to international data access and exchange in less than a second, the internet is an indispensable part of human communication. In August 1962 the first internet communication was an MIT memo conceiving the ideal of shared communications, data and programs (Leiner, 102) while today almost 3 billion users access a myriad of information. From email, research, banking, socializing, dating, videos, to direct purchasing, just to name a few, the internet directly interacts with every social and economic aspect of daily life. The Internet Society promotes The United Nations proposal that Internet access should be considered a “human right” (Internet Society, web). The internet’s inception was in an educational environment, today billions utilize the internet to perform millions of tasks, including researching information regarding the internet.

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