World War II has led to significant advancements in the economy, the armed forces, and American society in general. As a result, the US has become the strongest and the most influential country on earth (Brands et al. 779). The war urged the state to increase its army and invest in military technological innovations. In 1945, America’s military power was unmatched by any other country in the world. It had the secret of the atomic bomb, was served by 12 million men and women and supplied by numerous aircraft plants, shipyards, and munition factories (Brands et al. 779). With so much strength, America gained the power to involve in politics all around the world, becoming the leading international player. After World War II, the US has been influencing the situation in Western Europe, the Caribbean, the Middle East, and in Asia (Brands et. Al 779).During the post-war period, America experienced an incredible economic boom. Brands et al. claim that it happened because of two factors, namely, people’s demand for material goods stimulated by the end of wartime scarcity, and the increased export trade caused by foreign aid programs during the Cold War (813). After years of thrift and modesty, Americans wanted to consume and spend, and the increased demand urged factories to produce more goods and offer new types of products. The production of kitchen appliances, cars, and electronic devices boomed, and the standard of living skyrocketed. This economic prosperity was boosted even more by huge expenses on the military during the Korean War and financing of the Marshall Plan and other programs that provided America’s allies with various goods (Brands et al. 813). The economy at that time was robust, and the 1950s became the era of unprecedented prosperity and well-being. The per capita disposable income never had been so high in the whole history of the US.

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