In order to develop a successful campaign for mayor, a representative for the incumbent mayor of Sparksville presents an overview of the candidates plan to improve the cities powergrid. The plan focuses on the use of renewable, and traditional sources of energy, as well as, job creation. It is the intent of the candidate to generate an effective model that will expand the cities powergrid such that the cities 70,000 inhabitants can access all the resources that they desire.

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The task of a city mayor is to ensure that the city he or she is over seeing is operating in an optimal manner. The mayor does not solely own this task as he will usually work closely with city commissioners, city planners, and other elected or appointed officials to ensure that all is well within the area that they oversee (Townsville, 2014). Within the scope of this report, the scenario is presented in which a growing city of 70,000 inhabitants indicates that there is not efficient management of infrastructure and energy resources.

The current mayor has overseen the development and maintenance of the cities powergrid, utilities, infrastructure and all other applicable areas of policy and planning. Citizens indicate that the growing population may run into issues regarding the accessibility of energy resources if the current scheme does not improve. This mayor is likely to have not known previously that this would be an issue and must now campaign in a manner that shows the city that he or she is still the right person for the job. Control has to be demonstrated by this mayoral candidate. The following information will provide a plan to improve the power grid of Sparksville, for the mayoral campaign of the 2007 incumbent.

The first step that must be taken is to secure funding for expansion and improvement of Sparksville power grid. The candidate for mayor should procure these resources and he or she will work with the city council, as well as, state representatives and the governor. In order to secure funding the candidate must convince the state government that it is necessary to direct funds to this area. The likely event will be that the candidate campaign on two (2) different plat forms. This includes: (1) Job Creation, (2) Renewable energy for the city of Sparksville. The mayor may indicate to the governor that acertaning this form of energy would allow for him to gain the national attention that may politicans seek. With funding secured the mayoral candidate may then campaign to the people.

The candidate should note that the people will react positively to the message of “renewable energy” but it is more likely that jobs and accessibility will drive the most votes. The energy system that appears to be most feasible is one of Transmission and Distribution. This includes processes of generating energy within plants and at the site of use (Fesmire, 2007). The candidate should state that his or her expansion of the power grid would not utilize coal-based resources. At this point it is beneficial to note that most coal plants only burn at 30% efficiency. He or she may state that the energy needed at each end-point will be ascertained as applicable to the desire. This means that to supply electrical utilities to the inhabitants of Sparksville, the mayoral candidate may construct small plants at key points of the city. These plants may be based on items such as natural resources, which would not be a renewable but easily accessible source of energy. The distribution would occur as normal. Power grid expansion would require the construction of utility lines from the point of origin to the homes of users. City planners would work to deliver maps of the new city power grid to the mayoral candidate and this may suffice to determine which areas would require these non-renewable sources of energy.

This will be the main supply of the enhanced power grid. In parallel, and to maintain compliance to the candidate’s promise the mayor may then initiate the construction of wind based energy sources. It is not feasible to count on this as the main source of energy, however it is beneficial as a supplemental form of energy. In addition, the energy generated at these points of origin may feed into the same powerlines as the new plants. The benefit from incorporating the use of wind energy would be to ensure compliance to the promises made during the campaign as well as to lead the way in energy production, that has not been tested on a large scale. The key factor of the Transmission and Distribution model is the elimination of energy waste as it is transferred from the point of origin to the user. To supplement the needs of the growing population this model will be tested but not implemented on a large scale. City buildings should be run on generators that are fed primarily by energy captured by wind.

In the event that these generators are unable to utilize the wind based energy due to a lack of production, then the switch can occur to energy generated through the same non-renewable form. However, this would serve to reduce the drain from the power-grid that is likely to occur as construction is in progress. The mayoral candidate should not focus on the fact that he or she is planning to construct more simple non-renewable plants but should focus on the expansion of the grid, the laying of powerlines and construction of infrastructure that will occur to produce “high-yielding energy”. As this is a campaign the wording and the delivery of the message is key. It is essential that the mayoral candidate works closely with the city commissioners and planners to determine the most effective places to begin development of both the wind-based plants and the fossil fuel based plants. The elimination of congestion should be considered, where the loss of energy due to lengthy powerlines and multiple switches, is eliminated.

In summary, the mayoral candidate should waste no time in beginning the implementation of his or her plans. They should begin the process of speaking with key leaders of the state to secure the funding required to construct and should begin prior to the launch of their campaign. At that point the people are unlikely to begin to select a new leader due to the fact that they will want to see the same leader finished the work that was promised. The focus of the campaign to the people will be to present the implementation of renewable wind based energy and the job creation that will occur with the application of more “traditional” sources of energy. The actual work of city planners and engineers will be key to ensuring that the promises of the mayoral candidate can be brought to fruition.