Engineering has served a great deal in the development and improvement of human life as a whole. Similarly, it has been vital in the evolution of building of megastructures like skyscrapers. The design, shape, general plan, raw material, and original construction of skyscrapers have heavily depended on the various engineering fields. Several engineering discoveries have which include the use of steel to replace stones, development of lifts, the invention of the crane, the development of the air conditioner, development of compressors and so one have been of great importance to skyscraper construction.
Thanks to engineering steel were discovered as the most credited material for use in the construction of skyscrapers. Stonewall was intercorporate to support the exterior and prevent it from wind forces. Further discovery saw significant amounts of steel rebar used in the building of the Burj Khalifa in Dubai. It combined the tubular structure system and steel on the exterior as opposed to interior designing. The tubular system encourages the use of thin walls will increasing resistance to the wind. Engineering discoveries also made it possible to construct glass walls, but this posed the challenge of overheating. As a result, the air conditioner was developed to cool and the heat hence making the skyscrapers inhabitable (Big Bigger Biggest – Skyscraper).

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Another engineering breakthrough was the development of lifts to replace staircase. A combination of mechanical engineering and electrical and electronic engineering make the lift move upwards faster while transporting people up the building (Big Bigger Biggest – Skyscraper). Skyscrapers also pose another challenge in the event of fire; it is hard to evacuate all occupants. In response, engineers developed cooling and ventilation system that would ensure that all are kept safe. Design engineering puts into perspective issues mechanical elements like the elevators, plumbing systems, and they must also consider the strength f the building to resist wind and quakes. In the Construction process, kangaroo cranes have made it easier to move large amounts of raw material since they can move and attach themselves to the next flow of the building (Hamzelou, 52-53). On the other hand, hydraulics help in pushing concrete to the top of the building while maintaining its state during the process. In light of these facts, engineering is of great importance to the construction of megastructures.

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