The recording process assist in the maintenance of fine and proper accounting records for an organization. The recording process begins with the identification and analysis of the transactions. This step included the preparation of the business documents associated with the important transaction sin a business. The records are then documented in a journal that can be electronic or paper depending on the mode preferred by an organization. In the journals, the chronological order is followed in the documentation. The transactions are then posted in ledger which is representation of the accounts through which the changes are made to determine the balances of all the accounts. The balances are then entered into the unadjusted trial balance that may have some errors which must be corrected from the debits and credits to balance. Then, the adjusting entries are prepared in regard to the incomes and expenses. The adjustments are then undertaken on the trial balance to ensure that the credits are equal to the credits. After making appropriate adjustments, this leads to the preparation of the financial statements is a representation of the end of a business transaction. After the statements, the closing entries follow by closing the temporary accounts I preparation for another accounting period. The post-closing trial balance can be prepared so as to check equality of debits and credits. Accounting Equation
An accounting equation is representation that indicates that the assets of an entity are as a result of financing from shareholder money of money that is borrowed. Therefore, a typical presentation of the accounting equation indicates that the value of assets is equal to the total value of shareholder equity in addition to the liabilities represented as: Assets= Shareholder Equity+ Liabilities.
One of the areas that may cause a confusion in the initial stages of understanding the accounting process is that a balance sheet is only a bigger representation of the accounting equation because of the complex nature of the sheet in relation to the simplicity of the representation of the equation.

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